We are passionate about our Fabrics. They feel great and move with your body. We want to create quality garments that feel great, look great and are easy care. 

Slinky-Base Jersey

Our Slinky-Base Jersey has a liquid look and a wet feel. We use it a lot during the hotter months of the year as there is an actual coldness to the fabric. We also use it in our slips as well as the lining of some of our dresses. The benefit to a non-grip lining means you can wear hosiery without it sticking.

Dry-Touch Jersey

Our Dry-Touch Jersey is exactly that – it has a dry touch and feel. Most of our plain style Dresses and Tops are in our Dry-Touch Jersey. The beautiful weight of the fabric gives it a luxe and quality feel. 

Scuba Crepe Jersey

Scuba Crepe Jersey is used mostly in our Jackets but sometimes in Dress styles too. Scuba Crepe Jersey has a beautiful texture and is machine washable.

Ponte Jersey

Ponte is our winter-weight fabric. It is amazing at creating a tailored finish but still with the flexibility of a jersey fabric.

Heavy-Weight Dry-Touch Jersey

We use our Heavy-Weight Dry-Touch Jersey for most of our Pant styles. It is a firm, robust Jersey which holds its shape and feels amazing on. It’s machine washable and doesn’t require any ironing.

Bamboo Jersey

Our Bamboo Jersey is made from a viscose fibre (which is made from bamboo). The beautiful thing about natural fibres is that they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.