Versa Style
Finding a way to get the maximum wear out of your favourite L&F pieces by creating adaptable and flexible looks will give you more options for all of the events in your life. With todays’ busy lifestyles, being able to...
How to Layer With Style
As the weather cools you may find yourself reaching for your winter woolies and wondering how to wear them with your L&F favourites. Let us show you how to layer without sacrificing your style.  1. Look for Tops with Bell-Shaped...
Sizing RANT
Message from Australian DesignerLeina Broughton #AFWWeCallBS I like to think I’m pretty calm and collected but I’ll admit I’m passionate and there is one topic that keeps on making my blood boil…. SIZING!!! The last two newsletters from Ragtrader have...
Lunch In Style | SYD
We’re all booked and very excited to be coming to beautiful Sydney for a very stylish L&F Ladies Long Lunch. Come and join us for some delicious food, a tipple, incredible company (wink wink) some great laughs and maybe a...
Styling Your Confidence
IT'S TIME TO EMBRACE FEEL-GOOD FASHION Fashion Psychologist Dawnn Karen believes in the theory of styling from the inside out. That changing the way you dress will change the way you feel. Wearing something that brings you joy can not...
4 Must-Have Dress For Your Wardrobe
Dress with confidence and fill your closet with an eclectic mix of lengths, prints, neutrals, and accessories, so whether you’re at work or play, you’ll look and feel your very best.
Our Zero Waste Journey
We’re dedicated to continuing our focus towards minimising our footprint across the finished garment procurement process. The new Zero-Waste collection has been created specifically with this in mind, to ensure that all of our products last the lifetime for which they have been created, from our racks to yours!
What Pants Will Work For You
Finding the most flattering pants for your size, height, and shape is one of the best things you can do to ground your style and send your confidence levels sky-high. Once you’ve found great fitting pants, you’ll be able to...
3 Steps Fashion Style Guide to Building Your Personal Brand
What is a personal brand? "Brand" is one of those words that gets tossed around a lot these days—so much that it may have lost some of its meaning. When it comes to your style, however, it's important that you...
What Print Matches Your Personality?

LET'S FIND THE PRINT TO MATCH YOUR PERSONALITY! Whether it's a dress, a top, a jacket or a bottom, print pieces breathe fresh life into your look—all without you having to stray from the cuts and colours you love. 

3 Steps to Self Love with Magenta
LET'S LOOK AT THE MAGIC OF MAGENTA  With research showing that colours can greatly affect our moods and amazingly can even change our heart rate, blood pressure and respiration, taking the power of colour into our everyday lifestyle can become an absolute game-changer. We look at the 3 steps to embracing this colour in your own wardrobe and how to ...
Little Black Dress
THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS Finding your own perfect little black dress, or LBD is like finding an invaluable treasure that you know you will cherish for as long as you have her.  She is that versatile piece that you will...
Giving Back: Walk With Us Gold Coast
It was such a joy to have Robyn Luke from Walk With Us visit this morning for a tour of our studio. Walk With Us are an incredible non-for-profit based in Burleigh Heads, who have a big heart for the Gold Coast community....
Proudly connecting, promoting and amplifying female-led companies
We are a proud Femeconomy member. Femeconomy connects, promotes and amplifies female-led companies, like us. With a large component of our own brand values based on elevating and amplify the way women feel, to empower women to change our world by...
The Big Short with Summer ~ She’s Petite in Stature Yet Large in Style

Today we caught up with Summer to speak about her own style journey. At 157cm, she may be a pocket rocket in stature however her style and personality is one of a giant!

Capsule Play: How and why to build your capsule wardrobe with Leina & Fleur
Coined back in the good ol’ 70’s by British fashion icon Susie Fau, the capsule wardrobe refers to a collection of 30-40 practical and versatile pieces of clothing put together to create an entire wardrobe for a season.  This week...
Your Style Guide to Fabulous Fashion Over 40
The truth is exploring fashion in your 40s can be a liberating, transformative experience for women looking for change. And for the women who are happy with the style that's carried them through their 30s? A little more exploration will only serve to cultivate your style further. 
Casual Wardrobe Staples for Biz-Leisure Style
Transforming Your Wardrobe to Match Your Lifestyle  “Is this the end of fashion as we know it”  “Will we ever wear suits again?” Headlines in the media like this show the obvious shift in how we are choosing to dress in...
The ideal ZOOM top when working from home
We show you how to find gorgeous tops that will be you’ll be able to wear in virtual meetings and your in-the-flesh professional and personal life.
Wearing Animal Print with Style
Wear Your Sense Of Adventure. Our Style Experts Show You How to Wear Animal Prints For Fabulous, Classic Style At Any Size or Age.
Spotlight on Bamboo Jersey

Introducing our wonderful new luxe quality bamboo jersey tops which feel beautifully warm in winter and lovely and cool as we slide into the hotter months.

Bamboo jersey feels incredibly soft against your skin and our range of colours are wonderfully vibrant. Wearing a bamboo jersey top will make you feel like you're snuggled up in your favourite pjs but you’ll look beautifully polished.