Fabric &
Care Guide

Love Your L&F

Quality is at the heart of everything that we do. We choose each fabric we use with care, carefully considering how it will flatter your body shape but also how it could contribute to the slow fashion movement.

We believe that well-made clothing that is cared for properly, should have a long-lasting life. That’s why we put together the L&F Fabric and Care guide with our top tips on how to prolong the lives of your favourite garments.

Italian Viscose

The L&F Italian Viscose fabric has a sateen weave which gives it a luxurious, silky handfeel.

Cupro Linen Blend
With a silky drape and luxurious feel, Cupro Linen Blend fabric is breathable and lightweight.
Speciality Fabrics

The Up Late Collection features luxurious speciality fabrics all with very different looks and feels. 

Textured Knit
L&F's Textured Knit has the look and feel of a woolly knit but with the same composition of our classic Dry Touch Jersey.
Satin Rayon
Silky to the touch, L&F's Satin Rayon has a luxurious handfeel and all the benefits of a natural fibre.
Midnight Denim

With it's comfort stretch, Midnight Denim is a great choice when you’re looking for a tailored silhouette with enhanced wearability.


Indigo Denim
Indigo Denim is a perfect choice when you’re looking for a Denim garment that both flatters and moves with your body.
Tech Stretch Ponte

Tech Stretch Ponte is known for its polished, sculpted look and beautiful colours. It has plenty of give and 4-way stretch.

Soft and durable, Modal comes from sustainable sources, is produced in an eco-conscious system and is bio-degradable.

Tencel™ is extracted from sustainable sources and uses a production method designed to minimise its impact on the environment.


With a look of denim, Chambray is woven differently to give a lighter weight feel. 


Meet Lyocell: this woven fabric stands out because of its silky feel as well as its contribution to the sustainable movement. 

Japanese Cotton
Luxurious yet lightweight, L&Fs Japanese Cotton is a satin cotton with a silky handfeel.

Enhanced by aero-washing in production, this linen features soft touch natural fibres, luxurious drape and breathability. 

Magenta Fabric Care
Our Magenta dry-touch jersey packs a punch with impact in the colour department.
Bamboo Jersey
Bamboo Jersey is buttery soft, moisture absorbent and kind to your skin.
Cupro Ecovero™
EcoVero™ is soft to the touch, has a luxurious appearance and is made through sustainable production methods.
Cupro Viscose
Due to its natural origin, Cupro Viscose feels luxurious, drapes elegantly and is as smooth as silk.
Dry-Touch Jersey
Dry-Touch Jersey is heavier than our light-weight jersey, yet still has that signature softness.
Heavy-Weight Dry-Touch Jersey
Heavy-Weight Dry-Touch Jersey can be easily identified by its firm stretch, good durability and recovery.
Lyocell Cupro
Lyocell Cupro is a plant-based fabric that has excellent moisture absorption, breathability and lightness.