Lyocell Cupro

Lyocell Cupro

Thanks to its beautiful qualities, Lyocell Cupro blend ticks many boxes. Known for its silky-smooth drape and luxurious feel, this plant-based fabric stands out due to its excellent moisture absorption, breathability and lightness.

Thanks to its natural origin and a fluid texture Lyocell Cupro blend makes for a great alternative to cotton or silk, ensuring all-day comfort and a luxe feel.

Lyocell Cupro garment will allow you to enjoy the benefits of being durable, soft and skin-friendly. A fantastic choice for those who seek a flattering style with modern qualities.


Natural Fibres

Moisture Absorbant


How to care

Wash your garment at a cool temperature on a gentle cycle and reshape gently while still wet. Avoid using a fabric softener, as it can encourage fibres to pill. To preserve fabric qualities, dry your garment flat. Optionally, hang it to dry in a shade and avoid using pegs.

If you want to iron your Lyocell Cupro garment, iron it on a reverse on a low-temperature setting, increase the heat gradually if needed.

When caring for your garment follow the instructions on the care label.

Cool Delicate Wash

No Fabric Softener

Dry in Shade

Cool Iron on Reverse

How to store

We recommend storing your garment on a hanger to reduce creasing.

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