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One of the very first decisions Leina and Fleur made about the future of the brand was to ensure everything was made in Australia. There’s no denying that offshore production offers incredible skills and machinery, but the company’s goal is to help keep the Australian manufacturing industry alive and well. The L&F mission to remain Australian Made and contribute to the fashion revolution movement means investing in local talent and constantly attracting new one.

Why Australian Made Matters

Maintain Quality Standards for Both Garments and People.

With operations based in Australia, L&F can ensure every step of the production process meets their high quality standards. This also means that every single person involved in the creation of your favourite L&F garment has a quality working environment and is treated with respect. 

Reduce Carbon Footprint.

By manufacturing within Australia, L&F has no need to ship garments internationally. This significantly reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and cuts down on packaging. L&F is able to collect the garments directly from Australian manufacturers with minimal packaging and handling.

Know Where and How Your Garments Are Made.

L&F monitors every single step of the supply chain, which provides visibility into the garments being designed, cut, and sewn and allows the team to address issues quickly and effectively. It also means that the company has built lasting relationships with their makers and supports them every step of the way. 

Support the Australian Economy and Keep the Industry Alive.

Australian-made purchases support the many families here that rely on the local economy. It makes you part of a community that supports itself and cares about more than just how quickly and cost-effectively a garment can be made. It shows that you care about quality craftsmanship that goes the distance and supports your local community.

Meet Inna & Sorin

Working with a number of our fabrics, Inna and Sorin work together to produce bulk quantities of our garments in sizes 8 to 24. Learn more about exactly what they do for us here at Leina & Fleur. 

Meet Tuyet (Tina)

Tuyet (Tina) is a key stakeholder in our production line, creating garment samples and bulk quantities in sizes 8 to 24. Click through to meet Tuyet (Tina) and to learn more about how she contributes to Leina & Fleur.

The Future...

Leina & Fleur’s ongoing commitment to Australian Made and Sustainable and Ethical practice means that the company is constantly shifting and adjusting in order to create incredible, conscious fashion. Everything counts, from the fabrics chosen to the print process, the manufacturing, the shipping, the quality and the care. Every tiny shift compounds to have a greater impact. 

On top of working with and helping to build external manufacturers in Australia, L&F is also building an in-house production team of quality craftspeople to continue to deliver exceptional garments. A focus on diversity will take L&F to even greater heights and help promote positive change. 

Leina & Fleur will continue to be active participants of change within the fashion industry. It’s quite simply the L&F way. 

Experience it for yourself. 

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