Your FIT - Your Superpower

Finding and defining your own body shape is to both embrace and understand proportionately what does not work, and more importantly - what will work for you!

It can be incredibly frustrating when you discover that beautiful garment but when you try it on – even in the correct sizing... it looks nothing like the picture! Sound familiar?

Let’s get to the crotch of this and walk away from preconceived expectations and find your perfect fit, for your body type.

First and foremost,  there is absolutely nothing wrong with your body, just maybe your understanding of what harmonises with you own amazing shape. 

Your size is essential when choosing a garment however, your body type and unique attributes are paramount in discovering what will work for you, in a flattering line and shape. 

Although it sounds complicated - understanding your bodies proportions will be a complete game changer in the way you look for clothing and make informed purchasing decisions.

 Your Size + Your Body Shape + Your Characteristics = Your Fit Superpower

1 YOUR SIZE – download size chart

It’s not uncommon for women to have different sizing throughout their entire body. Your waist, bust and hips may vary within their own sizing and where you may be a size 16 in your bust – you may fall into a size 12 in your hips and this is the true determining factor when successfully choosing the right garments specifically for your body type.  


Bust; To measure your bust hold the tape measure at the fullest part of your bust.

Waist; To measure, use a tape measure around your natural waist. If you are not sure where this is - tie a piece of string around your waist and move a little and the string will move to your natural waist.

Hips; Your hips are approximately 20cm/8" below your natural waist line. Measure the fullest part to get the most accurate measurement

2 BODY TYPE - what body type do you mostly resonate with?

It is important to note that each shape comes with its own benefits and where the “grass is greener” philosophy may come into play for some ladies, know that every shape does have its own advantages so let’s find yours here! 


Apple - Your bust and hip will be in the same generally be in the same size but your waist may sit at the top end of that size or indeed in a size bigger. >> download apple

Pear – Your bust is in a smaller size than your hips and possibly your waist.. >> find the sweet spot of the pear – download pear

Hourglass - Your bust and hip will generally be in the same size but your waist may sit at the top end of that size or indeed in a size smaller. >> download hourglass

Strawberry The top half of your body is curvier than the bottom with broad shoulders, a generous bust and narrow hips. >> download strawberry

Rectangle - straight up and down with balanced shoulders and hips with an undefined waist. >> download rectangle

  1. ADDITIONAL CHARACTERISTICS – download sheet for measurements

Your body type may also be varied to certain unique attributes and characteristics as well such as your height or the length of your legs, being short or long waisted and all of these add to the determination of the correct fit for your body.


Shoulder to shoulder: the greatest impact here you will find is on jackets, it can take you up or down a size regardless of your bust measurement as you want the jacket to be sitting smoothly on your shoulder. Start thinking about styles you own, how do they  generally sit on your shoulders? Are you broad, narrow or maybe right in the middle!

Nape to waist: this talks directly to whether you are short, long or standard length in the waist. This measurement affects the fit of your dresses, tops and jackets. You may be petite height but with a longer waist still require a more tall height friendly size.

Body Rise: this relates to the lower part of your torso and will most greatly impact on trousers. Where they sit in relation to your natural waist and also which styles may suit.

Once you have this understanding - you have found your fashion superpower and we have the Customer Service Fit team who can help you find yours. They are specifically trained in helping you determine the right garments for your body with your own unique measurements so you can embrace it all the way. 

If you would like help on your own measurements or styles  please contact us here.


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