L&F Slips: Perfect for Adding More Coverage Or Layering

    Get ready to feel confident and comfortable while achieving the coverage or layering you're looking for. Whether you opt for the slinky base jersey Vera Slip, the luxuriously soft bamboo Vera Slip, or the reversible bamboo Myah Slip, these wardrobe staples are designed to provide an extra touch of comfort and style to your outfit of choice.

    Why Wear A Slip Dress Under Your Outfit?

    Need a little extra coverage so your outfit isn't so transparent? Or maybe you'd like to create a smoother silhouette by minimising visible lines and bumps. Not only can a slip help to improve your look as an underlay, but it offers added comfort with soft and lightweight fabrics, protecting delicate fabrics from snags or damage. A slip acts as a reliable foundation: reducing discomfort, smoothing lines, and enhancing the overall appearance of the outfit. 

    Wear It Your Way

    Available in different fabrics, lengths and necklines, L&F slips work beautifully under unlined dresses or under a top and skirt. All slips are made in Australia. Shop now, pay later with Afterpay.

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