Slinky-base Jersey

    What is Slinky-base Jersey?

    Slinky-base jersey is a type of fabric that is made from a blend of materials. It's known for being soft, lightweight feel and stretchy, form-fitting properties. The term "slinky" refers to the way the fabric drapes and moves with the body, offering a sleek and smooth silhouette. 

    A Great Fabric for Work, Evening & Occasion Wear

    Whether the women of Australia and New Zealand are looking for dresses and tops for work, evening and occasion wear, outfits for weekend style or smart-casual dress codes, L&Fs slinky-base jersey collection serves up solutions you can shop online. 

    Slinky-base jersey moves and fits to all bodies, however curvy, with comfort and ease. For a sleek, stylish, comfortable and functional wardrobe option, this fabric is a great choice.

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