Heavy-Weight Dry-Touch Jersey

Heavy-Weight Dry-Touch Jersey

Heavy-Weight Dry-Touch Jersey can be easily identified by its firm stretch, good durability and recovery. This is Leina & Fleur’s choice for the cooler months or for times when you want a thicker feeling garment next to your skin.

This fabric has a high-quality drape that hangs beautifully off the body but the difference here is that it has more weight. Its firm, hug-like stretch means that the garment will not only flatter your shape but create smooth lines for a sleek look.

If you’re looking for a style that looks professional and is easy-care, Heavyweight Jersey is a great choice.

4 Way Stretch

Figure Hugging

Moisture Wicking

Wrinkle Resistant

How to care

To wash your jersey garment, use a ‘delicate’ wash machine setting on a cool temperature. Turn your garment inside out and avoid mixing bright colours and whites. Avoid using a fabric softener, as it can encourage fibres to pill. If pilling occurs, remove gently by hand or with a de-pilling comb. To preserve the colour and qualities of the fabric, dry it inside out in a shaded area.

As an added bonus, our Dry touch jersey is crease-resistant and needs no ironing.

When caring for your garment follow the instructions on the care label.

Cool Delicate Wash

No Fabric Softener

Dry in Shade

Iron Free

What to look for

When wearing your garment, be aware of coarse, sharp and abrasive surfaces, for example, jewellery, hard textured seats, walls. They can cause fabric abrasions such as pilling or snagging.

How to store

Do not store a jersey on a hanger for a long period of time. Where possible, always use the hanging ribbon to support your garment.

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