Fitted Dresses

    L&F fitted dresses celebrate and embrace curves, hugging them in all the right places. They create a beautifully balanced silhouette that highlights the bust and defines the waist.

    Fitted Long Sleeve Dresses

    Looking for the perfect long sleeve dress? Our fitted long sleeve dresses are a great choice for adding coverage, whether to keep your arms warm, smooth out the shape or add some extra class to your look.

    Fitted Maxi Dresses & Midi Dresses

    Both maxi dresses and midi dresses are stylish options for a range of occasions.

    Maxi Dresses:

    Length: L&F fitted maxi dresses are long and hang down to the ankles.
    Style: Relaxed, colourful designs with fitted bodices and flowing skirts.
    Comfort: They offer a comfortable and effortless style, perfect for all seasons.
    Styling: Pair with sandals or wedges for a laid-back look, or dressed up with heels or boots and accessories.

    Midi Dresses:

    Length: Midi dresses fall somewhere between the knee and ankle, typically hitting around mid-calf.
    Style: Our fitted midi dresses come in various cuts, such as V-neck or wrap, with different sleeve lengths.
    Comfort: Great as workwear or for outings, they offer a balanced length that provides coverage while still allowing freedom of movement.
    Styling: Pair with flats, heels or boots depending on the desired look. They can be accessorised with belts, scarves, or statement jewellery to add personal style.

    Australian Made Dresses Designed to Last

    With our versatile range of cuts and lengths, there's a fitted dress for every occasion to help you do your thing with unapologetic confidence and style. Shop L&F fitted dresses online today! Buy now, pay later with AfterPay.

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