FAQ's - Returns


Here at Leina and Fleur we ONLY believe in owning dresses and clothing that you LOVE so we have made your return process clear and easy to use.

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For all purchases the following returns conditions apply:-

  • Garments purchased at full price or marked Sale are eligible for return.
  • Garments purchased in our Zero Waste collection or marked Final Sale are ineligible for return (subject to Australian Consumer Law)
  • It is a condition of our returns policy that all returned items must arrive back to L&F HQ within 30 days of purchase. 
  • Any return requests arriving outside of our 30 day guarantee (or requests to return earrings) will only be honoured as per our obligations under Australian Consumer Law.
  • All returned items must be unworn, unwashed, unused, in original condition, show no sign of wear and tear and have all tickets and labels intact.
  • All returned garments must be odour free. Any garments affected by perfume, deodorant, laundry detergent, body odour or makeup will be deemed unacceptable and will be returned to you immediately.
  • Our online returns portal MUST be used by ALL returning customers.
  • The printable label supplied at the end of your return lodgement must** be used to ensure a fast handling of returns.
  • A flat fee return postage charge of AUD$10 will apply for all domestic returns where refund to original payment method is selected.
  • Product availability at time of return processing will be the deciding factor on our ability to exchange. Should the requested product not be available at time of return processing, we reserve the right to process the return request as a refund.
  • International return postage costs are at the customer's own expense and cannot, and will not, be deducted from the final refunded amount.
  • All care will be taken by you, the customer, to package the item/s you are returning with care to prevent damage in transit.

* does not apply to Final Sale, Zero Waste

** if you choose to return your L&F garments to us via your own postage channel, L&F take no responsibility for tracking, insurance or notification of receipt. Leina & Fleur makes no representations or warranties in relation to the security of returned item/s when our return shipping labels are not used. L&F will not remove from the final refund amount any postage/handling charge when both of the following conditions are met:- the customer chooses their own return postage method and we can see our supplied label has not been used. 

For all return*, returns to credit** or exchange*** requests please work through our online instructions and lodge your request here

*Please note: Items marked FINAL SALE are not refundable (subject to Australian Consumer Law)

**Store credit is valid for 6 months from date of your return processing.

***Exchanges will only apply for like for like items.

Please allow 7 days to process your return. You will receive an email notification once your return has been processed.

Faulty Goods

  • Items that are considered faulty are those that are received in a damaged condition. Wear and tear to a product is not a sign that the item is faulty.  For more information please see our FAQs. 

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    Do I have to lodge my return? Can I just send the garment back?

    Returns must be lodged through our online system first before sending back to us.  By lodging your return you are letting us know to expect your garment. Better still by using the postage label that we supply on lodgement you will create tracking details from the first scan by Australia Post.  We will then be able to track where your parcel is at every step of the way back to our office.

    What do I have to supply in my return parcel?

    Your invoice.  By supplying your invoice you will ensure fast handling and no confusion when processing.

    I have lodged a return and been charged a handling fee. What is this?

    The flat rate AUD$10 handling fee, removed from your refund amount at time of returns processing, is payment for your return domestic postage. As we have a great flat fee rate through Australia Post we take care of your postage fee on our end by deducting it from your refund total.  All you have to do is print the label we provide and pop your parcel in the post.

    Do I need to take my return to the Post Office?

    Once you have lodged your return and printed your label, place your label on your package. You have the choice of lodging your returns parcel at your local Post Office or you can pop your parcel into your nearest Australia Post box. It is as simple as that.  Tracking will start once your parcel is collected and scanned.

    Can I use my own return postage method, not the label supplied by L&F?

    Of course you can choose to send your returns package back to us by another means rather than using the supplied L&F postage label. If this is what you choose it is very important you are aware of the following. L&F take no responsibility for tracking, insurance or notification of receipt when our returns label is not used. This responsibility and choice is entirely yours. 

    Will you charge me the $10 postage/handling fee if I use my own postage?

    Of course not. If you choose to send your parcel back using a different method than our label we will not remove the $10 flat postage/handling fee from your final refund total. This of course is on the condition that our postage label supplied to you on lodgement of your return has not been used which we will be able to check prior to processing your return.

    Can I put multiple returns in one bag and then only be charged the one $10 fee?

    We would prefer that you did not do this for the following reasons:- 

    When more than one return is placed in the same parcel it is very easy to overlook the extra garments. Your label is linked to your return request and invoice and only garments listed on that return label and invoice number will be processed. If multiple orders, from multiple invoice numbers are placed in the same returns satchel errors can, and possibly will, occur and the entire returns process is slowed down which effects not only your return processing time but everyone else's as well.

    Why should I choose store credit instead of a refund?

    There are a few reasons why choosing store credit rather than refunding can work for you. Choosing store credit will allow you to use the amount paid on another L&F garment.  Credit is valid for 6 months so you do not have to use your credit straight away.  We will also send out reminder emails so that you do not forget you have credit with us. And as an added bonus for choosing credit we will pay your postage of your returned garment back to our office. Did I also mention you can use multiple credit codes in the one purchase?

    How will I receive my store credit?

    Once you have lodged your return request and selected credit, print the label provided, attach it to your parcel and pop it in your closest post box. When your parcel arrives back to our office we will check your returned garment to ensure all of our Returns Terms and Conditions are met and refund your purchase to store credit.  You will receive a Store Credit Gift Card via email which will be valid for 6 months from that date.

    I am afraid of forgetting about my store credit. Can it be extended?

    Store credit is valid for 6 months from the return processing date and cannot be extended beyond this time.  To ensure you do not forget about your L&F store credit we will send you reminder emails 3 months and 1 month prior to your store credit validity expiry date. We want to ensure you find your perfect L&F piece so these reminders will make certain you have plenty of time to do so.

    Can I refund my chosen store credit to cash?

    Once Store Credit is chosen it is valid for 6 months from the date of return processing.  This time period cannot be extended and your store credit cannot be redeemed for cash. If it is a possibility you may prefer the cash in hand please choose refund at the time of your returns process.*

    *final sale items are non returnable

    Can I merge two or more store credit amounts?

    The merging of store credit is not possible. Each store credit code needs to be used individually however you can use multiple store credit codes in the one order.

    What happens if I have used store credit and want to return all or part of my order?

    If an item purchased with store credit is returned, the amount of credit used with this purchase will be reapplied to your original code first prior to any cash payment.  This applies for all refund transactions, even when an item in the original purchase is kept.

    What if I have received a faulty garment?

    Please refer to our FAQs that clarify what is deemed as a fault here.

    When will you process my return?

    We ask you to allow 7 business days (from arrival to Leina and Fleur HQ) for your refund to be processed.

    Can I return an item purchased with a gift voucher?

    Yes, your refund will be credited to the original Gift Voucher. The Voucher will be valid for 3 years from the date of purchase. If cash is used in conjunction with a Gift Card, the gift card amount used with this purchase will be reapplied to your original code first prior to any cash payment.


    I ordered the wrong size can I exchange?

    Yes, we offer exchanges for like for like garments.  At this time we cannot offer exchanges for two totally different garments.

    I know someone is sending the item I am wanting back to your office, can you please hold it for me when it arrives?

    While we would love to be able to facilitate this in fairness to all customers we cannot. Any suitable returned items will be returned to stock so that all waiting on that item can have the chance to purchase.