2 images of an over 50 woman wearing eco-conscious tailored linen suits. Image 1 shows a size 12, curvy woman wearing cobalt blue linen bermuda shorts with a cobalt blue linen blazer and clay cami top n slinky jersey. Image 2 shows a size 12, curvy woman wearing a midnight blue linen boyfriend blazer with midnight blue wide leg, tailored pants and a white tailored T-shirt in bamboo jersey. All made in Australia by women's clothing brand, Leina and FleurShowing tailored linen for over 50 and curvy women, Leina and Fleur's conscious linen suit is worn with a white bamboo jersey tailored T-shirt. This midnight blue linen blazer and tailored wide leg, linen pants are great for summer workwear. Made in Australia by women's clothing brand, Leina & Fleur, shop online in sizes 8 to 24.

7 Things To Love About Linen

Why Every Woman Should Have Linen In Her Wardrobe

The ultimate summer fabric, linen's lightweight, breathable qualities are just a couple of the reasons it has become synonymous with summer clothing. Consistent with fashion's new conscious mindset it's stepping to the fore as a front runner in the sustainability stakes as well. Here's all you need to know about linen and why it's worth your fashionable investment...

1# Linen Is A Sustainable Natural Fibre

A natural fibre, linen comes from flax, a low-maintenance plant that thrives in poor conditions without fertilisation and with only minimal watering. The growth of flax and the production of linen requires less water than fabrics such as cotton, which contributes greatly to its conscious credentials.

Sourcing our linen from a European-based eco-focused initiative, you can dress confidently with the knowledge that the linen used to make Leina & Fleur clothing is sustainably grown and produced using transparent production processes. Our high quality linen comes with Oeko Tex and Higg Index certifications and Fair Labor Association approval, giving it the last word in conscious luxury.

Breathable & Absorbant Linen
2# Linen Lets Your Body Breathe

Say so long to sweat patches! Made up of hollow-shaped fibres, linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before any wetness will show.

The same fibres work too, in aiding air flow to your body, allowing the skin to breathe.

Enhanced by loose and fluid styles of clothing, this no-sweat assurance makes it the perfect fabric for wearing in hot and humid conditions.

But linen's thermo-regulating properties work for winter and cooler climates as well. In colder conditions, clothing made from linen fibres will retain body heat and release the excess thus avoiding that sweaty feeling woollen and synthetic knits can induce.

Invest in classic cuts and they'll see you through both seasonal and body thermal changes!

close up the sailor button details of high-waisted, emerald green tailored linen pants for women illustrating the hypoallergenic properties of linen clothing and why linen is good for sensitive skins.

3# Linen Is Hypoallergenic

Great for sensitive and allergy prone skins, linen is hypoallergenic and has anti-bacterial qualities.

Non-irritating, linen's breathable prowess also reduces the build up of moisture around the body, which can act as a breeding ground for bacteria.


4# Linen Is Naturally Moth Repelling

A natural secret weapon against those wardrobe foes - moths, linen clothing won't fall victim to their destructive nibbling. Moths or more precisely, the moth larvae that do all the eating, typically target clothes made from animal fibres like silk, all types of wool, fur and any materials that contain the fibrous, structural protein, keratin.

Linen fibres possess inherent properties that naturally deter moths. The breathable qualities of linen that work to reduce the build up of sweat for example, mean less of the bodily juices that moth larvae so enjoy will soak so into the clothing, making linen a much less attractive prospect for the troublesome insects!

5# Linen is Durable and Long Lasting

Gram for gram, linen is stronger than cotton. Second only to silk, linen is one of the world's most robust natural fibres. When cared for responsibly, it withstands regular wear and washing well, which is why linen is so good for everyday and work wear pants and suiting.

Over time, linen may develop a soft patina that, like a treasured antique or a fine wine, serves to enhance its character. By choosing quality linen in well-made, timeless styles, you can craft looks that will only grow in their refinement.

Showing sustainable linen women's suiting for summer workwear, a 50 plus, size 12 woman wears a midnight blue, linen longline blazer with wide-leg tailored linen pants and white bamboo jersey tailored T-shirt. Great for work and travel capsule wardrobes, jacket, pant and top are made in Australia by women's clothing brand, Leina & Fleur.
#6 Linen Is Easy To Wash and Care For

Machine washable and quick drying, linen clothing offers a quick-turnaround solution for every day, work and travel wardrobes.

While linen is prone to wrinkles, these can be part of its charm. Rather than stiffly pressed and constrictive clothing, the more laidback nature of linen garments' suits the mood of the season in which linen thrives; typifying the more relaxed mood of summer.

Here are some top tips for preserving the life of your linen clothing and for minimising the crinkles:

  1. The Golden Rule - Always follow the instructions on the care label
  2. Quick Exit - Remove linen clothing from the washing machine as soon as possible after the cycle has finished
  3. Hanging In There - Promptly hang linen garment to air dry
  4. Just Steam In - Steam is linen's friend. Try using a garment steamer rather than a hot iron to smooth out unwanted wrinkles in the fabric. This will help the fibres relax. In the same way, refreshing linen clothing in a steamy bathroom works a treat too, in relaxing away crinkles - ahoy all you travellers out there, looking for quick clothing fixes!
  5. Ironing Made Easy - If you prefer a crisp look and want to iron your linen pieces, pressing them while they are still damp will placate the fibres and smooth wrinkles more easily.

A 50 plus, size 12 woman wears a cobalt blue, bamboo jersey cami top and parchment white, tailored linen trousers. Walking on a Gold Coast beach, she shows the breathable, durable quality of easy-care linen clothes as made in Australia by women's clothing brand, Leina & Fleur.

7# Linen is Versatile

With the thermo-regulating qualities that let it transcend the seasons, its durability and its easy-care qualities, linen clothing is extremely versatile. Well tailored, linen translates for fresh workwear. Lightweight, linen is great for travel wardrobes, and low maintenance, it's an easy choice for every day wear. Linen will handle your wardrobe needs with aplomb!


So whether you want to take on the world, work up a storm, empower the future or simply stay cool under pressure, with linen clothing you can build a wardrobe that lasts. Invest in classic cuts that stand the test of time and you'll have an evergreen wardrobe, now and for the future.

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