Online Sales Prove A Perfect Fit For Label

Online Sales Prove A Perfect Fit For Label

In Fleur Richardson's words, Leina Broughton is "the Ted Lasso of the fashion industry". Broughton concedes she is glass half full "almost to an annoying point".

However you look at it, something is certainly going the way of the pair and their label, Leina & Fleur.

"I know fit. I know sizing, that is my super zone of genius. We really understand and embrace women's bodies as a whole. We very proudly offer sizes 8 to 24,"

says Broughton.

The company...has experienced 40 per cent growth year on year for the past three, even with Covid.

"We've got a really quick response time to market, being locally manufactured and not doing mass production, so we can be a lot more responsive to what's happening in market,"

says Richardson.

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