In The Media: Best Plus Size Jeans Brands in Australia

In The Media: Best Plus Size Jeans Brands in Australia

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15 Plus-Size Jeans Brands That Are Making Denim More Inclusive in Australia

Whether they're high-waisted or butt-huggers, finding the perfect pair of jeans can make an outfit, boost your confidence and beautifully round out your capsule wardrobe.

But, unfortunately, finding the right jeans can be difficult when your body doesn't fit into the limited range of conventional sizes available in many stores.

Thankfully, there's a handful of trendy denim brands right here in Australia that are working to change the narrative. These pioneers of plus-size clothing are making shopping for jeans fun again for all the curvy baddies that don't want to compromise their style or their bodies.

Ahead, are 15 of the best plus-size jeans brands in Australia.

Ethical, wide leg jeans for plus size women as featured on fashion site, Refinery 29s 15 best plus size jeans brands in Australia

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