Online Businesses Hit Back At CHO's No-Shopping Directive

Online Businesses Hit Back At CHO's No-Shopping Directive

Retailers Take A Licking If We're Not Clicking

PEOPLE should not shop online or use click-and-collect services to avoid putting retail workers and delivery drivers at risk of catching the virus, Queenslanders have been told in an unprecedented warning from the state's top doctor. 

The new strict messaging has been slammed by retailers who say their hands are tied until the government orders them to shut so they can access stimulus support. 

Gold Coast fashion label co-founder Fleur Richardson said she was concerned by Dr Young's advice. 

"It's removed from reality, what Jeannette Young is really saying is 'stop the economy'," 

Miss Richardson said. 

"We are very conscious as employers about how many families we feed and so we are putting the wellbeing of our employees first. She's putting the wellbeing of more people at risk by telling people not to shop at all."

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