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The term "plus-size" doesn't always come with the most flattering connotations. Plus-size fashion in particular is often thought of as drab, limited, and designed to conceal rather than celebrate the bodies of the women who wear it. 

What is Plus-Size Fashion?

It's not hard to see why when we consider the term's usage in popular culture. Plus size is used to define someone whose body is not proportional to a cookie-cutter standard of beauty. In fact, while the broad definition of "plus-size" is a size 18 and over, within the model industry, anyone over a size 10 is considered plus-sized. 

Women who do not fit into the clothing designed for what the fashion industry has arbitrarily defined as "average" are segregated, both physically and emotionally. In certain stores, there's a separate section for plus sizes and in some cases, designers simply don't create clothing for women over a certain size at all, effectively emotionally alienating an entire group of people.

With the average Australian woman weighing 71.1kg and a size 14-16, “plus-size” is a term that’s not only out of touch but indicative of a concerning trend within the industry. Also, a perplexing trend, since we live in an era where we're trying to embrace and love our bodies. 

The term "curvy" is gaining editorial favour since it lacks the negative charge of plus-size, instead accentuating the supple and strong attributes of the female body.


Over 70% of women* find the term "plus-size" offensive...

We recently conducted a survey of over *970 Australian women and 70% of respondents said that they found the term "plus-size" offensive. So why is this term still being used?

Exceptional Style for Curvy Women

It’s time for us to start eliminating these terms and to create a fabulously inclusive approach on all levels. Your size does not define you—how you feel and how you step out into the world each day is what matters… so we say it’s time to embrace yourself ladies!

Size has nothing to do with beauty or worth.

Our Australian-made weekly releases and designs reflect our belief that every woman’s body is singular, beautiful and deserves to be celebrated. We don’t use fashion to divide us based on difference--we use it to bring us together. That's why our high-end range of fashion is not only stunning but also functional and form flattering. 

See for yourself. Shop the Leina & Fleur collection now.


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