Sustainable slow fashion

Our business decisions have been based on our own dialogue and ethics, partnering with ethical operators and suppliers, aligning with the slow fashion movement.

It is our mission to create clothing that is loved, appreciated and well worn - to not only elevate and amplify that way that it makes you feel, but also lasts the test of time with both quality and style.

Earlier this year one of our vintage Leina & Fleur tops re-sold for a staggering $250 though a secondary site. This price was higher than it had originally retailed for when released two years prior confirming what we already knew…our garments are timeless, classic pieces that are versatile and highly coveted.

So, what is the Slow Fashion Movement?

Today, we consume at a faster rate than ever before. Due to mass production, we can afford to simply discard products we no longer want, and replace them instantly with minimal impact on our wallets. As a result, products are designed with a shorter life expectancy and are of poorer quality. The fashion industry is one of the worst offenders of these offerings, with mass production occurring on a scale that is no longer sustainable.

Slow fashion is a movement focused on improving sustainability, by challenging social cultures surrounding the industry, and encouraging both retailers - on their own practises and consumers – with their informed purchasing decisions - to take a more ethical approach to fashion.

As the industry continues to accelerate, and with it – its carbon footprint, there’s never been a more important time to consider your purchase choices.

Our Australian made promise to you

Here at Leina & Fleur, we proudly produce all of our garments locally, utilising Australian makers and resources.  Each garment is made from quality fabric with skilled handwork.  From lux hemlines to intricate pleats and seams, each piece is not only flattering but also made with high-quality craftsmanship (or womanship!).

Leina Broughton Australian Made

Our sustainable releases with supply vs demand

With smaller, weekly offerings, we balance our supply and demand to market so to limit waste.

Globally, 80 billion pieces of new clothing are purchased each year, translating to $1.2 trillion annually for the global fashion industry. The majority of these products are assembled in China and Bangladesh within hazardous working conditions and it is estimated that 85% of this fast fashion ends up in landfill within 12 months of release* 

With fast fashion contributing a huge negative cost to the environment, this is something we are passionate about avoiding, focusing on steering away from this type of practice and releasing our garments in conscientious bi-weekly releases.

Sometimes the demand of our garments are higher than anticipated with our offering selling out within hours, however, we would prefer to know that these coveted items will be worn well, and have the longevity within its wardrobe life, not creating excess stock that is wasteful, unnecessary and environmentally damaging.

Leina Broughton Sustainable Fashion

Our environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging

Last year we switched to compostable packaging with Australian owned sustainable non-plastic packaging companies for all of our parcels.

Having a legitimate environmental practice is very important to us and we will continue, as a company to always look beyond our current practices to find environmental and ethical alternatives within our business model.

It is also important to note this is not a quick fix and often requires a lot of research and test modelling for commercial purposes.

Leina Broughton Eco Friendly Packaging

Our technological advancements for minimising carbon footprint and waste

As part of a recent Federal Government initiative, under the Manufacturing Modernisation Fund, we were granted $100,000 to contribute towards manufacturing technology.  We have invested in a Pathfinder automatic cutter, which will streamline the cutting process, resulting in rapid accurate outputs, high-quality raw material control and eliminating material waste by 15%.

The investment we are making in manufacturing from our Gold Coast base here in Australia helps reduce the mileage and carbon footprint that our garments have accumulated to their end location.

Our ongoing sustainable promise to you

We are very proud of the garments that we create and will continue to evolve and be transparent about our processes and systems. Our promise is to continue to produce beautiful investment pieces for you, our customer and to grow with you

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