Decoding Pants - Part 1 Soft Jerseys

    If there's one thing you're certain to find at Leina & Fleur, it's well-fitting pants. Whatever your shape, size and body shape, L&F has pants to suit. But with so many great trousers to choose from how do you go about finding the best pants for you?

    The L&F pants range is a range of two halves. On one hand (or perhaps 'leg' is more appropriate!) we have our soft jersey pants which are all pull-on trouser styles in stretch fabric for all-day comfort and ease-of-wear. On the other leg, we have our tailored pants, which still come in stretch fabric but in a firmer, ponte fabrics that use the stretch to bolster the structure of the pants. 

    Comfortable Stretch Jersey Pants

    This collection of women's jersey pants captures the essence of the range. Accompanying a Facebook LIVE session with L&F Style Squad stylists, this collection showcases the differences and variations in pant styles available. So whether you're looking for straight leg pants, wide leg pants or tapered leg pants; full-length pants, cropped length pants or petite height pants, L&F has got you covered.

    All of our luxurious jersey pants have double-layer, deep pull-on waistbands, most trousers have pockets. Whether wide-leg, straight leg or tapered, leg all these pants make for great work wear pants that layer well with tops and tailored jackets. 

    Watch the LIVE too, and you'll see how these well-fitting pants work on women of different heights, leg lengths and body shapes. L&F pants are available to shop in sizes 8 to 24 and we alter our pattern grading to ensure our pants fit well for plus size women as much as smaller sizes. 

    Pants That Deliver On Australian Made Quality

    L&F soft jersey pants may be stretchy and languid but they are also timeless and elegant. The dry-touch jersey that we use for our women's pants is low-maintence and crease resistant which makes our pants great for travel and work events. 

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