Aussie Designer Calls For Change In Fashion Industry

Aussie Designer Calls For Change In Fashion Industry

OPINION -- Melbourne Fashion Week might be breaking the mold with the unique location of its catwalk events, but the size offering is disappointing.

Running through the list of brands being represented, there is one thing missing in the luxury clothing category — almost anything which would fit an average size Australian woman.

Of the 70-odd labels listed, only 21 offer over a size 14 and just 8 cater to a size 16. One company even has a separate section for size 18-22, not to be included with their core offering. I can only hope they don't make the separation in store.

Yet a survey of more than 3000 Australian women has found 66 per cent wear size 14-24. The average Australian woman is a size 14-16. 

So why do such a small percentage of brands go over this size? And why are we still talking about this in 2021?


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