The wardrobe reset

The wardrobe reset

We catch up with Fleur Richardson, CEO & Co-Owner of Leina & Fleur, for five quick tips to inject new life into your racks. 

    Wardrobe Reset – Five quick tips to inject new life into your racks

    1. It’s always a good idea to sort your summer items from your winter items. If you have all seasons together there are a whole lot of superfluous items taking up valuable real estate! This clutter can overwhelm your style choice in the morning when you may be running against the clock! We’re coming into our winter season now and I’m slowly injecting more coverups into my wardrobe and packing away light summery tops. This doesn’t have to be a resolute in and out of season relevant items. We live in Australia…it’s all about transitioning through the seasons’ change. There’s a high probability of a freak heatwave day just around the corner still!    Custy tip - Rebecca...if you’re lucky to have an amazing space like supermodel Rebecca, the need to change out seasonal items is less important. Rebecca also wears her items all year round opting for layers to add warmth and accessories to transition through the seasons.

    2. Pack away your out of season items into a sealed bag. Ensure you have utilised the last of summer sun to wash and dry these items. I use cedarwood balls to protect clothing naturally from moths etc. I also put lavender sachets into the sealed bag so that when you reopen stored clothing a lovely scent wafts out as opposed to musty dank smell. This is where airtight storage is recommended. Space bags are excellent for this. Prior to putting clothing in, I always wipe the inside of the space bag with lavender on a slightly damp cloth and dry with a hand towel to remove the manufacturers residue that may be in there.   Custy tip - Joanne … Supermodel Joanne from Perth gave me a little tip on the night to lightly sand my cedarwood balls to make the natural scent stronger again...I used to add essential oil drops, but I like this idea too. 

    3. Treat your wardrobe rack space like it’s your own boutique. Sort items into jackets, tops, skirts, pants, dresses, long short, etc. I also separate my L&F items in these categories apart from non L&F’s. It really makes for ease of selection. Apply this to your shoes too. Move non season relevant shoes into back storage if your wardrobe isn’t like Carrie Bradshaws!   Custy tip - Corinne shared her reset wardrobe with us straight truly inspired me to lift my wardrobe game! (Yes I have been experiencing wardrobe envy...which is healthy I promise!).  I noticed a nifty trick too...Corinne had hung our garment swing tag around the neck of her Pink Lily coat hangers...great way to recall a style's name...especially if you want to make room for more and onsell through the resellers page!

    4. This is an old styling hack from MANY years back but it’s still relevant for today. Turn all your hangers in the reverse direction. When you have worn an item hang it back the correct way. Evaluate your wardrobe at the end of the month to see what sits in reverse still. This may be a good time to ask yourself why you don’t wear that item and do you still need it taking up valuable real estate…? Now this one was quite controversial on the who is camp “opposite” and who just can’t bring themselves to instil a bit of organised “disorder”??

    5.  If you love a particular clothing item but just aren’t finding you are reaching for it, or have never worn it, or you’ve outgrown it and you keep telling yourself you’ll fit it soon, then this could be the perfect time to give your cherished item to a friend. Knowing that someone you cherish is loving something you cherish for that little bit longer is priceless! What can I say…? This is a hard tip to beat..but we know there’s also the Leina & Fleur Resellers to share the love with many options when you have a great Australian product in your possession isn't there? 


    Download the pdf with these tips


    Now, keep sharing your whatever shape or form they take...I’m in desperate need of resetting mine and Leina’s office’s a mess!

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