Whether we feel cheerful, sad, or frustrated, listening to music can completely change our mood and transcend us to our 'happy place'. 

Music releases a chemical in your brain called dopamine, which improves your mood and reduces your anxiety. It can also help produce the stress-reducing hormone cortisol, so it induces pleasure, joy and motivation. Music also boosts your immune system and can create positive emotional experiences — it even helps relieve pain.

Nothing has as much power as a fun and upbeat song that can transform any task into a fun scene worthy of a film montage.

Here at L&F, we love listening to music in the office - in our car on the way to work, and some of us even love listening to our team Playlist while we are in lockdown. It helps us feel connected to each other and makes the day so much more fun.

We have put together a 'Brighten Your Day' Playlist - and you can listen to it with us on Spotify. Let's all get up and dance together to some happy tunes.