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Your child's wedding day is one of the most joyously anticipated occasions in your life, which is why finding the perfect mother of the bride dresses online can spark equal amounts of excitement and anxiety for many moms and mother-in-laws to be.

The good news is that the anxiety is easy enough to dispel, since most of it is the result of out-dated or misunderstood wedding style dos and don'ts.

Keep reading. Here are our 5 simple tips that to keep in mind while shopping for mother of the bride dresses online. Whether you're a mother, grandmother or a maternal figure of any sort, if you stick to this sage style wisdom, and you'll find a dress that will fit, feel and look beautiful.

Mother Of The Bride Versatile Dresses

5 Style Tips for Shopping Mother of the Bride Dresses Online

1 - Consider Colour Scheme

While you don't need to match the wedding party on this special day, you do want to look similar. Think of all those wedding photos: if the wedding is in the summer and the bridal party is all in light, vibrant colours, then wearing a black velvet dress would not be an ideal choice. A gorgeous, flowing floral wrap dress, on the other hand, would look stunning.

Again, you do not have to match the colours, but the colours should be complimentary.

Common colour quandaries:

Q: Can the mother of the bride or groom wear dark colours, like navy, black and other dark colours? Is red acceptable?

A: Absolutely! Dark colours are timelessly elegant, so by all means, wear them. You can use your accessories to add a pop of colour to your look, or select a dress with a darker pattern.

As for whether or not red is acceptable, you bet it is. Red is the colour of love and perfectly suited for a wedding.

Fashion in your 40s with Emma wearing navy dress called Janine

2 - Match the Mood

Is the wedding more informal or formal? While many dresses can transition from formal to informal and vice versa with some simple accessorising, that's not the case with all dresses, especially if the wedding is very formal.

When you're shopping for mother of groom or mother of the bride dresses online, keep in mind that a little bit of structure, like that provided by some ruching, a wrap dress or even a beautifully cut jacket, can amplify and polish your wedding day look.

Trust us: in our years of designing women’s clothing in sizes 8 - 24, we can promise you that structure is one of the simplest and most effective ways to create an incredibly flattering silhouette on any body.

Find the perfect style to suit your individual fit.

3 - The Right Length

Longer dresses often look more formal but there are other considerations when it comes to length that extend beyond formality. The most important consideration is your comfort level, so ask yourself: what am I comfortable wearing? Don't worry about what you think you're expected to wear and remember, it's also not just about what will look good in pictures: you have to wear this dress for the entire wedding, so comfort is paramount.

If you'll feel incredible in a fit and flare dress that falls just below your knees, wear one. If you'd rather wear a maxi dress that skims the floor, then that's your best bet.

The second consideration is one of wedding dress code, and if you want to stick to the code by the book, then you don't want your hemline to be shorter than knee length.

4 - Stunning Separates

When you're shopping mother of the bride dresses online, don't rule out your perfect wedding day look coming in the form of separates.

An equally exceptional wedding day outfit can be comprised of chic and feminine tailored pants or culottes or a skirt paired with a beautiful top and jacket.

Check out our stunning separates and mix and match to create a uniquely you, absolutely elegant look that's perfect for your child's wedding day.

Separates for over 40s and every season

5 - Accessories Are Everything

Accessories complete your look and allow you to add some more of your personality to your outfit. We love fascinators since they are a gorgeous and simple way to elevate your style.

A clutch, some choice jewellery and shoes are also brilliant ways to add polish and new dimension to your look. You don't need much, either. Just a few accessories can do the trick.

There’s a whole, wide, wonderful world of wedding day style options for mothers of the happy couple. Enjoy shopping! Explore our mother of bride dresses online now.

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Buy Mother of the Bride Dresses Online from Those Who Know How to Fit You Right

Locating perfect mother of the bride dresses in Australia can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. You have to accommodate the style of each wedding, including colours, and still represent your personal fashion perspective. It’s time to discover a selection of mother of the bride dresses online that will not only meet your expectations but be versatile enough to work with future occasions, too. At Leina Broughton, we have a variety of styles, prints, and colours that will offer what you need for the wedding without sacrificing personal style or comfort.

We’re an online fashion boutique that provides high-quality dresses and separates in sizes 8-24. In business since 2010, our goal is to make women look and feel exceptional by bringing them clothing that fits their body, style, and lifestyle. We don’t skimp on the details, and we focus on establishing close relationships with our customers to learn more about what they want from their clothing.

View our collection and find your style. Our pieces are limited editions, so you can be sure your elegant mother of the bride dress won’t just be a drop in a sea of similar styles on the big day.

We have mother of the bride dresses in Australia in every sleeve and skirt length. If you’re looking for a dress for a summer outdoor wedding, many of our wrap dresses would work. Many have a belted self-wrap dress that’s doubled layered to ensure seamlessness.

If you’re not sure what style you prefer, we have mother of the bride dresses online that have reversible necklines. You don’t have to give yourself a headache deciding how dressy or casual you want your dress to be—or waste funds buying two dresses to contemplate. Get everything you need in one dress. Our Stella Dress can be worn as a boatneck, or you can turn it around to wear it as a wrap v-neck. This dress also has ¾ sleeves, perfect for seasonless comfort.

Shop For Your Perfect Wedding Day Look

Our Range of Colours and Prints Coordinate with the Style and Mood of Any Wedding

We have every colour you can think of and more, so matching a wedding theme is never an issue. Choose from classic colours such as black, red, navy, green, and blue or fun colours such as magenta and teal. Our patterns range from artist-style florals and foliage to bright paisley and animal prints. Each week, we release more limited-edition pieces that include new colours and prints, so you never know what will come out next to perfectly match your life stages.

Come to us when you’re ready to buy mother of the bride dresses online. You won’t leave empty-handed, and the biggest thing standing in the way of a stress-free wedding occasion will be behind you. The only thing left to decide is which jewellery and shoes you’ll wear with your new dress.

Contact us today to get the dress checked off. You’ll not only be getting a dress for the big day but a piece that will serve its purpose for many more occasions to come.

Shop For Your Perfect Wedding Day Look

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