At Leina & Fleur we are always working to reduce waste & find sustainable solutions to minimise the environmental impact of our footprint.


    Zero Waste

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    The L&F Way

    Where Quality, Fit & Style Join Together

    From the very outset of the L&F journey, the choice was made to commit to Australian Made and to ensure that all L&F garments meet top quality standards.

    Every step of the production process is monitored to ensure these high standards are met, each and every time.


    Aware of the fashion industry's impact on the environment, at Leina & Fleur, we are consciously working to minimise our contribution. This commitment shapes the very ethos of the L&F brand, as we forego mass production in favour of regular limited releases.

    Every piece we create embodies our belief that all women should be able to wear fashion that flatters and empowers. Whether it's a brand new release or a garment that may be one step away from perfect, the energy and resources invested are the same - let's not throw that away.

    About Zero Waste Collection - If we are not satisfied that a product meets the L&F quality standard, rather than being simply discarded, our Zero Waste Collection enables that product to be released at a lower cost. Instead of heading for landfill, these nearly-perfect garments can enjoy a new lease of life and the energy expended on their production will not have been wasted!