Composting and reusing your mailer bag

Composting and reusing your mailer bag


Did you know that your special parcel from L&F comes wrapped in a fully compostable bag?

As part of our sustainability promise to you and the environment, we have found some Australian eco-friendly shipping solutions.  

The mailer bags that you get your parcels in are 100% home compostable!  So even if you don’t compost them at home and they end up in landfill, they will still break down with no waste.




You can use them to return your goods in if you need to return or exchange items...just make sure you don't damage the bag too much when you rip it open!  Just turn your mailer bag inside out and pop your own addressed label on it, and seal it. Just like Anna is doing in the above video. If you aren't going to reuse it, here are some other ideas on how to compost it...

7 Ways to compost your packaging

  1. If you don’t have a compost bin you could ask friends or family or neighbours if they have one, and you could contribute to theirs? Or even get a community compost bin happening and you could all share the initial cost and maintenance duties.  Get the kids involved too.
  1. Check with your local council on whether or not you can pop it into the green waste bin – all councils have different facilities around composting. If not they should have a solution for you on how to compost your mailer.
  1. There are online composters these days, which are a bit like Uber for composting!  Just google composting in your area and see what comes up.
  1. Most towns and cities have a Community garden and these gardens most definitely will have a compost heap. Just ask if they would like your scraps.  You may even end up joining the community and connecting with people who are as awesome as you.
  1. Ask your local school or preschool if they would like your scraps, many schools have gardens or worm farms and would love your scraps for their compost
  1. You could always reuse your mailer as a small bin liner, sanitary bag, or dog poop bag when you take your pooch for a walk.
  1. If you can’t do any of the above, you can just bury it in your garden! WARNING: If you buy a lot of L&F only dig holes when you have 5-6 bags saved up otherwise you run the risk of the neighbours wondering what the heck you’re digging all these holes for! 

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