What is a personal brand?

"Brand" is one of those words that gets tossed around a lot these days—so much that it may have lost some of its meaning. When it comes to your style, however, it's important that you put the power back in this word so that you can reap the rewards of having a distinctive business image. Let’s look at 3 steps on how to build your personal brand.

1. Identify your personal image

Everyone has a brand, but some people have a brand that’s more clearly defined than others. One shining example of a personal brand is the way you dress: your style brand. Think of your style brand as a set of defining characteristics that make your sense of fashion identifiable.

Your style brand is a natural extension of your personal brand: the features and qualities that make you, you.

Your style brand should embody the qualities that make you who you are, whatever those qualities are. Your brand could speak to strength and romance, power and playfulness or openness and elegance. You can see that your style brand doesn't have to be one-dimensional—you're allowed to embrace all the paradoxes that make you who you are—but it does have to be consistent.


The easiest way to figure out your personal brand is to be authentic. Embrace being you, tap into your strengths and personal preferences. If you’re drown to print and colour, incorporate it into your work wardrobe and make it your trademark.

Become a master of personal branding, use your wardrobe to create a story around what you do and amplify who you are. Choosing the right cut and shape can influence not only how others perceive us, but also how we see ourselves.

2. Create your work wardrobe

Your career capsule wardrobe is your go-to collection of items that you love. They are the key, versatile pieces in your wardrobe that you can keep in rotation, to be worn day-in and day-out and inevitably give you the ultimate return on investment. Choose classic designs over fleeting fashion and this will ensure the longevity with your capsule.

Start your career capsule with high quality bottoms. These will be your foundation pieces that you can mix, match and repeat. This will cement your style type and also save you time every day when getting ready.

Whatever your work environment, there’s a certain level of refinement that comes from well-tailored pieces. Look the part in sleek tops and blouses as comfortable as they are composed.


Confidence is what can help you get the life and career you want, so be sure that every piece in your wardrobe shapes and informs your personal style brand, whatever that may be. A person with a consistent brand—and by extension, style brand—appears more pulled-together and self-assured. 

A consistent personal brand is linked to confidence, and in all areas of your life, confidence is key.