L&F's Circular Economy

Full of Reselling Potential

At L&F, one of the things we’re most proud of is the longevity of our garments. Well designed and crafted in Australia in carefully selected fabrics, L&F clothing is made to withstand it all. Through the day-to-day throws of life, flash-in-the pan trends and full-blown events’ seasons, your L&F will see you through and live to tell the tale.

When you’re ready for something new, your L&F will still be going strong. That’s why we encourage a circular economy. Instead of sending your
much-loved L&F pieces to landfill (read more about our commitment to more sustainable fashion here), you can sell them on and give them a second chance at life!  

Return On Investment

Over 48% of L&F garments enter a circular economy. There are several independent L&F resellers groups who support women that enjoy regularly rotating their wardrobes without wasting a drop of good style! According to our 2022 survey, the majority of customers receive between 51.8% and 75% return on their investment when they resell their L&F garments, regardless of the age of the item.

60% of our customers have bought second hand L&F pieces and 47% of them have resold L&F garments. 48.1% of customers said too, that the resell potential of L&F was a contributing factor in their purchase decision - that’s higher than the figure who have actually sold on their

The circular economy is booming! You can be a part of it too, through our L&F Style&Share group – connect with us here and our community of inspirational women to find our more about L&F’s circular economy.