Leina & Fleur Resellers Facebook Community

(The Resellers)

Who are;

The Resellers group is an independently created and operated Facebook Community.  Leina & Fleur (Including employees) are not involved in the admin of this page.

The Resellers group has been created by Annie Elliot and is moderated by Annie Elliot and Gabrielle Lawrence. This space was created for individuals to resell and purchase preloved Leina Broughton and Leina & Fleur garments, creating an incredible service that increases the lifespan and the love of our brand within a community that embraces our own values of respect and transparency.

Additional offerings; (Yay for a good offer!)

Here at Leina & Fleur, our weekly offerings mean that over time we accumulate a small and ongoing collection of discontinued garments.

Previously, in order to shift this discontinued stock,  we have held an onsite annual clearance sale. At present this is on hold due to COVID 19. We may recommence this in 2021 for our localised customers.

In addition to this, we have offered a limited number of these garments on a regular basis to Annie who will on sell through The Resellers page.

This allows all of The Resellers national community access to these discontinued items at a fabulous price. 

The proceeds that are generated here at Leina & Fleur from this activity are donated to charities who we continue to support on an ongoing monthly basis such as the Walk With Us project and The Sanctuary.


We have partnered with the Leina & Fleur Resellers community in this instance, as they share our same values and most importantly, the love of a beautifully created Leina & Fleur frock!

Please find a link to their Facebook page below



L&F Resellers Group