Our Weekly Releases

How our weekly releases work

We release small collections weekly on Tuesdays at 12pm and Fridays at 5pm. Every release coincides with a Live Stream both on our website and in our Facebook Page where we show our latest collections and answer questions in relation to the garments being released.

We offer sneak peeks prior to all releases through our L&F Style & Share Private Facebook Community. This community also shares their own images so you can see how the garments look, fit and different ways to style.

All of our releases are small offering investment collections. It is not uncommon for our garments to live a second and third life with an incredibly active, independently operated Leina & Fleur Resellers Group. The quality of the garments and limited releases demonstrate a high demand of the styles. All of our garments come with a tag envelope to store your tags and to hold on to for reselling if you wish to onsell at a later date.

If you would like to be reminded of our releases or be notified as soon as our new collections drop, you can subscribe here