Our new normal

Like everyone, like you, we have been paddling fast to navigate our way through this crazy new world. Every day has delivered a new set of circumstances, but here at L&F HQ we embrace our matrix-style agility and just keep going.

When Covid19 first hit, we watched the impact unfold globally knowing that it was only a matter of time before we would need to take action. We responded quickly to shift our Digital and Customer Care team offsite and to have them ready to the concept of working from home. It allowed us to keep our skeleton staff for Dispatch and Operations continuing in our very large space, which easily meant we could comply with physical distancing. As a tight knit team, this impacted greatly, more than anything on our emotional wellbeing. The look of uncertainty on the faces of our team was confronting and honestly overwhelming.

As business owners, the enormity of responsibility for our team, our suppliers and the future of our industry and business has been huge. We have moments of brilliance with determination to keep adjusting and iterating followed by moments of complete overwhelm working out how we keep everything together. Throw into the mix navigating compliance, new standards and regulations, it sure has been a test of will & endurance.

One of the most incredible experiences has been watching how our team, our suppliers and our customers have rallied and supported us with such genuine faith and good will. It has grounded our understanding of how much we all impact on each other in such a positive aspect. Creating clothing, a community and an environment that is laser focused on elevating & amplifying is real and it’s amazing.

The most impacted part of our team has been our Development and Production Team, due to the physical nature of the roles, being hands on creating. They have handled the changes and navigated a new normal with such grace and respect. Over the past few weeks we have re-introduced the team in stages to ensure that everyone is safe and slowly but surely, they are back onboard.

It’s crazy to think that three months ago, we could never have imagined this would happen and even now it’s tricky to put it all into context. Who knows when things return to some normality or if we will spiral backwards, but needless to say it’s going to be a completely new norm.

This journey has, and continues to test us in so many ways, as we are sure it has for you, but one thing is clear as day... we are part of something bigger, this all has some universe reasoning and no matter what, we know, we are stronger together.

With so much love and gratitude for your incredible ongoing support.

It is seen, heard and felt, it blows us away daily, THANK YOU…