The Facebook [Private] Community


Our belief is simple, our customers are our brand. We incorporate and celebrate the women who have come to make our brand their own.

Originally developed to create a platform to connect with our customers, the Leina Broughton Conversations Facebook community has become a group of amazing women that has developed into an incredibly supportive and contagiously warm culture.

This community allows all members to be a part of our true LB story, to be inclusive within the brand itself. Weekly, we share behind the scenes videos, new design development and pre-release sneak peeks through our Facebook Live as well as host state meet-ups and photoshoots where we include our customers who model our clothes, as - at the end of the day, they are made for them!

From our perspective to the perspective of another 3500 women who offer their advice, upload their own LB selfies and daily lifestyles - this community is truly a unique and non-judgemental circle - many of who have developed offline friendships through this connection.

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The Cheat Sheet ~ Weekly FB Group Exclusivity

  • Mondays at 12pm - pre release sneak peek images for Tuesdays release
  • Mondays at 4pm - Facebook Live with sneak peek, all questions on fit answered
  • Thursday 4pm - End of week vino, catch up and new design conversations
  • Everyday - amazing ladies, fabulous frocks and a beautiful space