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What is jersey?

Jersey is a knitted fabric. The process of knitting the yarns creates a very soft and stretchy fabric to make our garments. There are many types of jersey (see below for L&F fabrics) that have different hand feel and stretch.

What is ITY?

ITY is a term to describe our main jersey fabric that we use on most of our block colour garments such as Stella and Erica. ITY stands for Interlock Twist Yarn. It is a method of putting a twist in the yarn resulting in a more natural elasticity and a soft feel inside & out. This is a great jersey to wear all year round but in particular. during cooler months. It has an incredible drape which makes it perfect for twirling!

Fabric handle: Very luxurious, soft and stretchy with a dry touch

Content: Polyester Spandex

Fabric weight: 225 - 265gsm 

What is slinky?

Slinky is the term that we use to describe our Venechia base jersey fabric which is recognisable by its slinky and almost liquid touch. It drapes beautifully and feels much cooler to wear during the hot summer months.

Fabric handle: Liquid drape, soft and stretchy with a wet touch

Content: Polyester Spandex

Fabric weight: 195 - 235gsm 

What is Scuba crepe?

Scuba crepe is one of our heavier jersey fabrics that we use for many of our Jackets (eg Cora) and also skirts and pants. It is recognisable by a smooth backing with a slight sheen, acting almost as a lining and then a twisted crinkly yarn on the front giving it a texture of a traditional crepe fabric. It has a suit-like finish to the fabric so works beautifully in your professional wardrobe all year round.

Fabric handle: Smooth back with twisted crepe yarn finish

Content: Polyester Spandex

Fabric weight: 195 - 235gsm 

What is Ponti?

Ponti is a heavier type of jersey often known as a double knit. It has a great winter feel and has additional body to translate beautifully into more structured garments (eg Jackets & pants). 

Fabric handle: Luxe heavier weight jersey with a matt finish

Content: Viscose / Rayon / Nylon / Spandex

Fabric weight: 295 - 375gsm 

What is Scuba?

Scuba is one of our heavier style jersey fabrics that is recognisable by its smooth spongy handle and slight sheen finish. It is essentially a lightweight neoprene fabric (used on wetsuits) that has improved drape.

Fabric handle: Light weight wetsuit feel with slight sheen

Content: Polyester Spandex

Fabric weight: 265 - 330gsm

Where are your fabrics from?

Our fabrics are predominantly from Korea as they are world leaders specifically in the area of jersey fabric manufacturing. The term ITY is their trade mark name. We pride ourselves on the excellent standards for all Leina and Fleur fabrics.

Do you test the quality of your fabrics?

Yes. All fabrics are taken through strict quality control (QC) procedures by the fabric mills and then inspected again by us at Leina and Fleur HQ. We test for the following areas;

  • Colour fastness
  • Washing
  • Pilling/Abrasion
  • Print quality
  • Colour penetration (dyes)

I do not like my print placement, what do I do?

Print placement is completely random with our dresses. Where your 'dark patch' is across the bust on one customer's right hand side, there may be a dark spot across the front of another customer's skirt. Neither are ideal placement however due to the print being random both are part of the dress design. If you are unhappy with the print placement on your dress you can return your garment to us unworn and with original tags attached within 30 days of purchase to our office. 

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