Today, one in six Australian children and young people are living in poverty1, where even life's basics are hard to come by. 

When families are experiencing financial disadvantage children can fall behind with their learning, leaving them more vulnerable to experiencing hardship themselves later in life.

Some of the programs that The Smith family runs include; 

Literacy programs

Providing resources and support to help disadvantaged children achieve the required reading standard.

Numeracy programs

We support parents and early years educators in developing the maths skills of the children in their care so that they can establish the necessary foundation skills.

Mentoring programs

Mentoring programs for disadvantaged students that give the encouragement they need to build aspirations for their future.

Technology programs

Providing disadvantaged children and young people with the critical skills, access and equipment they need.

Learning for Life

Providing holistic, long-term support for disadvantaged young Australians throughout their education.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs

Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students face additional challenges in their journey through and beyond school. 

You can help share some of your own Christmas Joy this year and help make a toothless terror smile;

Simply select a gift from our Charity Gift Catalogue and The Smith Family will ensure that your gift goes to a child in need this Christmas.

You'll find that the Joy Spreader Toy & Book Charity Gift  Catalogue features a range of gifts matching the age, gender and interests of children.

The Smith Family team then gets them to where it's most needed, to ensure that no child misses out at Christmas.

The Smith Family Christmas

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