The Fred Hollows Foundation is a development organisation working in more than 25 countries.

They help train and empower local eye doctors, nurses and health workers to create a sustainable system of care in the communities that need it most. The work they do has a very clear purpose: to make sure everyone, whether they’re rich or poor, has access to high quality, affordable eye health. 

Founder, Fred Hollows, was an internationally renowned eye surgeon and humanitarian. Fred didn’t believe in charity, he firmly believed in teaching, supporting and empowering people to help themselves.

He worked tirelessly to end avoidable blindness in Indigenous Australia and around the world – and while it didn’t happen in his time, it will in ours.

 I believe the basic attribute of mankind is to look after each other.

- Fred Hollows 

Continuing Fred's work

The Fred Hollows Foundation now works in more than 25 countries and has restored sight to over two and a half million people worldwide. This couldn’t have been achieved without the overwhelming support of the Australian public. They’re as determined now as ever to end avoidable blindness. 4 out of 5 people who are blind don't need to be – there remains so much to do. 

Fred's work continues very much in the way it started: by just getting on with it.

The Foundation trains doctors, nurses and healthcare workers, distributes antibiotics, raises money for much-needed equipment and medical facilities and performs eye operations exactly like the ones Fred did more than 30 years ago. 

What they’re doing is giving these people the chance to help themselves. We are giving them independence.

- Fred Hollows

When someone's sight is restored, it gives people the chance for a better life.

They're able to work, go to school and provide for their families. Fred believed that everyone, no matter whether they were rich or poor, had the right to affordable eye care. Our work won't stop until the injustice of avoidable blindness is completely eradicated in Australia and in the rest of the world.

They believe, without a doubt, this will one day be accomplished.


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