From a single helicopter operation in 1986, CareFlight doctors and nurses now fly throughout Australia and beyond on helicopters, aeroplanes and medi-jets. 

In 1986, a group of people had a shared vision: to create a new kind of medical retrieval service in Australia. 

They believed that very sick patients who need to be moved between hospitals and severely injured patients who need to be treated at the accident scene should be attended by critical care specialists who can perform ‘physician only’ procedures.

From this vision, CareFlight was born.

Initially a single helicopter daylight only operation, with one doctor on duty, CareFlight flew to some four patients a month.

Over the years, and with vital support from the community, the organisation has evolved and expanded.

Now our doctors and nurses fly from six bases, on helicopters, turbo-prop air ambulances and medi-jets, to destinations throughout Australia and beyond.

CareFlight brings the hospital to people who cannot wait to get there for life-saving care

Their specialist doctors, nurses and paramedics use air ambulances to reach critically ill and injured patients. 

CareFlight also provides search and rescue support to the Australian Maritime Authority (AMSA) with their night vision capability. Their winch equipped helicopters allow them to locate and rescue people in the dark and from difficult to access places.

You can help to keep these angels in the sky by donating to their cause - or purchase one of their gorgeous care flight bears as the perfect Christmas gift!


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