BUY FROM THE BUSH @buyfromthebush (Instagram) 

The #buyfromthebush movement is aimed at encouraging consumers in city areas to do some of their Christmas shopping in the bush to help support small rural businesses facing severe drought.

The social media accounts showcase beautiful rural boutiques and unique wares available from the bush.

Those featured rely on predominantly farming communities to keep them afloat, which becomes difficult at a time of drought. The ripple effects of the drought run deep through rural communities and affect many more people than those just on the land.

Run via through social media, Buy from the Bush brings the wonderful artisans and creatives from the outback -  to your door. Paypal has now also created a specific Buy from the Bush Platform to showcase these amazing individuals and their work. 

Check them out for some wonderful and unique Christmas gifts and support our wonderful rural cousins - through these tough times - links below

Note* - The photography used here is from an amazing photographer, credit  Clancy Job from Narromine, 





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