OFF THE RACK - Episode 01

OFF THE RACK - Episode 01


the 3 takeaways for easy travel packing.

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Hello. Hi there. I'm Leina. I'm Fleur and we are the owners and directors of Leina Broughton and you are joining us live. This is our very first episode of “Off The Rack “, with Leina and Fleur.

We have to say it like, Off The Rack, you have to get music, you have to sing that a little bit. It's like the little intro.

You know when you do the intro on a podcast and it goes to a little bit of music. Anyway, for those of you that don't know us, we are a jersey clothing label based down the Gold Coast.

We're coming to you, live from one of our beautiful spots in the GC. Right now, we're actually at Tallebudgera Creek and this is actually personally my favourite spot on the coast, so I come here all the time with my son.


We go swimming, it's beautiful, the ocean is sort of out that way. Got over to the Creek and then you can actually kayak and paddle right down the whole creek.

It’s beautiful, it is just one of the little best secrets around here. I actually will be spending quite a bit of time this Summer just right up the road there. So getting straight into it.

Off The Rack, this week we're talking about a couple of little fashion hacks I guess with travelling and converting your styles into the weekend as well. So we've just come off the back of a long weekend. We just had a public holiday on Monday, it was our labour day Monday. Yes. I actually had to ask someone what it was for. But anyway, that's ok. Someone was saying it was the Queen's birthday last week.


So have we got a few people online? Rebecca, Kerry and Kathy. We’ve got quite a few people watching, thanks for joining us ladies.  Fleur where were you on the long weekend? So we went North up to the Sunshine Coast a whole three hours away and we went to the Caloundra Music Festival.

And I had a bit of a different feel, I was down in Byron but not the cool trendy Byron - no, I was at the caravan park.

Caravan parks are the new black Leina. I was planning to do some Instagram shots pretending that I was actually in Byron. But I just, I can't do it - I can not, I have a truth serum in my body that works.

But, anyway, we were talking about, what you're wearing when you're travelling. So what did you take? Look, I basically packed separates, from our LB wardrobe because for the weekend it's exactly what I default to. 


So I had our gorgeous Quinn culotte which I'm wearing today. They’re just so comfortable and really good for transitioning from day to night.

So from a corporate point of view, I'll just wear them with my summer sandal, but then coming through to night, perfect for my little white sneakers and white tee shirt.

Yeah, I just changed the top. Yeah, I’m loving white sneakers. Actually I had them on with the Sarah dress last week. I actually think I could own a few more than I have, just because I can, you know. I love that sort of freshness of them, very classic.

We wanted to put a few tips with this as well. So I guess that kind of rounds off that first tip that we've got right, about casualising. Yeah, very much so. So versatile and really easy care as well.


I think that was part of the reason why I took my separates is that they can be rolled up and chucked into the bag and not really worrying about creasing or anything like that.

And then sitting on the grass and doing what you do. So for me, despite being in the caravan park, which was actually amazing, I feel like Angela, you can probably relate to having time with the kids, what a good time it was in the caravan park. But I still have to say, so for me it doesn't matter where I travel, I always pack an Australian Made dress. And I think that, it's about actually creating that moment. So we had in the evening we’re having a barbecue, literally on the balcony, took the time to actually go get changed and put on a dress.


Rebecca says, that she's got two Olivia's one Amalie, one Mia and one Tatiana and that's what she took to Hawaii.

Completely, the standard travel capsule. Thanks Rebecca, I think we probably need to road test that ourselves as well. I think it brings up another point Rebecca, because we were talking about this, this afternoon. So for me when I travel it's separates or dresses.

I have a theory with this. Because when you're wearing dresses and when you're wearing separates it's different shoes, it’s different underwear. It's almost like a different psychology. That for me works well because I actually like a mixing up of my accessories. It's not necessarily about, I'm mixing up all the product so I will have my casual to corporate committed shoes and earrings and so forth.

So, then my second tip for me is, always take a dress, always take a dress with you.


But my third one is embracing the wrap dress. And I feel like Rebecca can probably jump in on this as well. But what I love, so this was the choice that I took with me.

It's the Marnie wrap dress in Gaia, which is actually becoming a bit of a firm favourite. Kirsty and I have been rumbling over the sample. Absolutely. I'm like, hello!

But for me, so what I did with the wrap dress, I actually wore it over the top of my swimmers. Because it's the whole thing, like I'm sitting here now like on a rug barefoot and it means that I'm getting that return on investment like for all of our customers with these dresses as well.


So what’s the saying from Tracy Tarr? From the boardroom to the beach, to bar and beyond. To beach, to bar, to bar, to bar and beyond.  Tanya is just wondering what top you're wearing? Sorry, it's an oldie, it’s our Baily top. We did this last year, or the year before, my goodness.

Yeah, very good, lovely. Again, so really quick little fashion hacks for this week for Off The Rack.

One, casualise your wardrobe. Make it go beyond the boardroom.

Two, always pack a dress.

And three, embraced the wrap dress. It's such a versatile coordinate to wear. The actual fully functioning wrap dress as well rather than the fixed wrap dress as well.

So yes, this is us at Tallebugera Creek.  If you're not a local and you haven't been here when you come to the Gold Coast, it's one of those spots that you just need to visit.

It's a place called Koala Park. Yes, exactly. Not Porpoise Spit, Koala park. I had to go there. See you later. Have a great evening. Thank for joining us and we'll see you soon. Bye. Bye.-- 

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