2 Days To Go

2 Days To Go


This was our very first customer photoshoot. Andrea (LHS) had reached out to us about being in her blog and it felt like the universe again was speaking to us… Time to change ladies. It felt like a bolt of lightning hit us the day that we realised that it should be our customers in all our photoshoots, the women who wear our garments every day! This was 4 years ago and was very much outside of the norm at the time but we just knew it was right. Seeing Andrea and Morgan together on set made it so clear, this was the time to change.


At the onset of this fabulous intuitive going live through various advertising channels, we knew we had hit a nerve with our customer. We knew that she resonated and identified with our customer models and it made us excited to keep evolving this platform.

 There were also a few comments about how they loved seeing our garments on “real women”. Although Morgan (right) is a paid model, I can definitely vouch she is 100% human being, however the voices from within our community were heard and this was another turning point for us and furthermore the joyous unearthing of the customer model shoots. These were with REAL WOMEN who came in all shapes, sizes and attitude.

 We have since had the privilege of working with so many fabulous women along the way!