Supermodel Joanna

Supermodel Joanna

Our Supermodel Joanna is a force to be reckoned with.

We’ve been always impressed by her style and quirky personality and we have always known that she will be a fabulous fashion model. We have finally managed to invite this elusive Supermodel to our most recent photo shoot and results are amazing.

Joanna’s bold personality, humility an inner wisdom shines through each and every photo and we couldn’t be more proud of the excellent choice that we have made.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm 55 years old and am an accountant living in Toronto Canada. I develop accounting standards for governments to use. To date I have travelled to 42 countries, was hoping to get to 100 but am getting tired.

What are your favourite workpieces?

My favourite work pieces are Bonnie and Isabella - classic, so easy to wear and the all important pockets which are a must if you have business cards to hand out.

What is one great lesson about women that you’ve learned by being a world citizen?

How do you stay looking professional when travelling?

Easy a Leina Broughton and then mix and match - three dresses and three jackets will give you twelve outfits.

Can you share with us one great rule/belief that guides you through life?

There are several maxims I use these being : Don't ask don't get. If it doesn't affect the sun rising in the morning it isn't important - (this is related to work and stressing about getting things done) and Cause I can :-)