A self-confessed workaholic, a woman who loves being in her 50s and an active LB Facebook conversations group member, this is how in a few words we could describe our latest Supermodel.

But how much do you really know about our Supermodel Jeanine? Did you know that she used to be a qualified chef? Today we are trying to learn more about the woman behind the Supermodel’s smile and find out what sparks her passion for life.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a 51 yr old empty-nester; married to a horticultural primary producer, and mum to 3 young adults. I am a Branch Manager for a major bank, and I'm described as a workaholic by some, but I also love a good holiday with my family! In my spare time, I make time for family and friends a priority, and I also enjoy reading and gardening, as well as cooking - previously working as a trade qualified chef.

Can you tell us about your favourite work dress?

Lucy in black ponte is my favourite because I feel amazingly confident wearing her! She is the perfect corporate uniform, and is both flattering and professional. It also helps that she looks perfect all day long as she doesn't crease!

How does it feel being 50, fierce and fabulous?

Can you share your recipe for confidence?

Preparation, prior actions and positive self-talk. To be honest, sometimes I just have to step up, not feeling confident at all, due to being outside of my comfort zone - however in these situations, preparation is key! When I'm prepared, I can push through the fear, and appear confident, even when I'm not. The payoff for that, is exposure therapy! With the experience under my belt, I can use positive self-talk in the next situation - eg: "You've done this before, you can do it again!" My favorite way to describe myself is "brave" and that definitely helps with being confident.

Why is leadership important to you?

Leadership and Management are sometimes mistaken for being the same thing, when in fact they are very different. Management is somewhat about reporting, bottom lines and holding teams accountable, but Leadership is about working with and serving people to develop them to achieve their own aspirations as well as shared goals. Leadership is important to me because I love to help people, and I love to see them succeed.

For me, it's about asking "How can I help you do a better job?", and asking it often. You don't need a title to be a leader - you can be a leader to your family, friends and colleagues if you are willing to serve and develop them to help them achieve their dreams.

What are your thoughts after today’s photoshoot?

I'm very impressed by the professional, efficient and welcoming vibe at LB HQ and the location photo shoot. It was like a well-oiled machine - everything ran so smoothly - and I enjoyed being part of it! I'm so grateful to be offered the opportunity to not only step well out of my comfort zone, but also to meet and become friends with my fellow Supermodels! I also enjoyed my fan-girling over Leina, Fleur, Tracey and Lucja - you ladies are amazing!