Supermodel Gowri

Supermodel Gowri

This absolute beauty is Gowri, based in Melbourne, she has been an LB customer since May 2017.

We have come to know her through our Facebook Group (LB Conversations) as a smart, sassy and cheeky woman who knows her own style.

When we met her, she was even more beautiful and funnier in person.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I live in beautiful Melbourne and I am a mum of two young pre-schoolers. I own and run an IT company with my husband and love that work is a 5 minute drive from home. I love sci-fi, good food, high heels and all things sweet.

Is there a difference between your personal and professional style?

Not much as no one will dare tell me what I can and can't wear at work LOL. I favour dresses and skirts over pants as they suit my height and shape more. I am almost always in an LB jacket be it a work day or the weekend. My personal style is constantly evolving as I am very open to trying new things and LB keeps me very satisfied in that front.

How do you feel about your new Supermodel title?

"I feel so grateful, it hasn't sunken in yet. I've seen some of the pictures that have been taken today and I can't believe it is me! I look like a different person, it's a heaps better looking person, but it's me."

Can you describe your dream work wardrobe, what should be in it and why?

My perfect work wardrobe is a multitude of block colour LB dresses with complimentary jacket pairings and heels, always stilettos! I feel instantly confident and professional in them and can take on the world in an LB dress.

How do you feel after the Supermodel photoshoot, what do you think about the outcome?

I was blown by the whole experience. From the warm welcome by Tracey at the airport, the gorgeous accommodation in Gold coast, the talented hair and makeup artists through to the stunning location ... it was all very surreal. My respect and admiration for every one at LB has since increased ten fold and I feel so grateful to have been a part of it all. And the photoshoot results are all spectacular and I can't wait every Tuesday to see new pictures be released. The high is lasting a very long time indeed!