Supermodel Elle

Supermodel Elle

We have first meet Customer Supermodel Elle during the LB Sydney meetup and were straight away impressed by her natural charm and captivating personality.

We were over the moon with excitement when this Sydney based beauty accepted our Supermodel invitation. Exuberating charisma and elegance, Elle has proved to be an absolute natural in front of the camera.

We have managed to catch up with Elle and ask her a few questions about her unique style, her blog and LB Conversations Facebook group.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I work as a magazine writer. I love art, literature and history - so you'll find me in days off haunting Sydney's various galleries and museums. I also spend a lot of time involved with Rotary, which I love because it lets everyone use their own individual strengths and interests to make a difference. I can't go without mentioning I'm a massive animal lover too - even snakes! Horse riding and walking in nature is the only exercise I'll willingly do :)

What motivated you to start your blog?

I actually had a blog I ran for some time when I was still a teenager and blogging was this big new thing. I started up a fashion blog again really because I remembered how much I enjoyed sharing pictures through the LB Conversations. That said I've been a bit lax lately updating - need to get back on that!

What motivated you to join the LB community?


What is your personal style?

I would say "creative ladylike". I like playing with prints and colour, but keep to vintage-style womanly cuts. This is a big part of why I wear LB - it caters to both those elements.

What are you inspired by right now?

I've been trying lately to step back and appreciate more what I already have in my wardrobe (as well as the rest of my life) - something the minimalist movement has inspired me to do. I'm never going to be the sort of person who can fit all my possessions in a single suitcase but I want to focus on the amazing things I already own, rather than acquiring more. I wouldn't say I'm bad at that already, but I want to take the time for example to experiment with styling frocks I have in new ways, rather than thinking I'm missing something.