Supermodel Andrea

Supermodel Andrea

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Yes! I live in Brisbane with my husband and two schnoodles. Weekdays I work in Human Resources focusing on diversity and inclusion. I love my job and am enormously passionate about creating a more equal world. Beyond my core role, I’m also involved in running the Diversity Practitioners Association in Queensland. I

love to write... and shop! 5 years ago I founded the blog Sublime Finds to share products and experiences that bring joy. I met team LB in 2016 when fundraising during ‘Frocktober’ for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. I was wearing lots of LB and reached out to interview Leina and Fleur for the blog - it has turned out to be a very serendipitous connection!

How did you discover LB brand?

A consistently-well-dressed colleague and friend recommended LB. Her recommendation has been a gift that keeps on giving and one I’ve taken much joy in paying forward. What do you look for when shopping for your professional wardrobe?

I look for:

  1. timeless shapes
  2. that flatter my curves
  3. are comfortable
  4. will look fresh all day
  5. and are easy to launder!

I like to mix statement pieces with classics: a monochrome print with a bright belt or lip colour, a classic pant and top with a pink or red jacket, a black dress with a novelty shoe. I tend to click ‘add to cart’ on items that will either go with everything, or act as a statement pieces that I can mix and match to add a bit of fun.

Can you share your recipe for confidence in front of the camera?

I think feeling confident in front of the camera very much starts in your head - I acknowledge feeling confident about appearance can be challenging for lots of women. I’ve worked hard in the last few years on being kinder to myself about my body and how I look. Like so many women, I’ve spent plenty of time obsessing over weight and size.

While health will always be a priority, there are simply more important things for me to mentally spend time on than the shape of my thighs! I’ve tried to shift from being critical and focusing on things I didn’t like about myself, to being grateful for the ways my body enables me to do the things I love in life. I try to do my bit to shift how we talk about ourselves and each other: I steer clear of conversations about weight, especially where they are geared around ‘thin is better’. I endeavour to focus on feeling great and acknowledge that it’s absolutely not reliant on being a certain size.

I also follow lots of content on social media that ensures I see women in my feeds that represents the diversity of women in real life. (Some faves: @grombre, @carlyfindlay, @curvysam) Showcasing a range of women is one of the things I love most about LB and has made me enormously proud to have the opportunity to step behind the camera for the brand.

There is much joy in celebrating exactly who we are. When we shoot, I try to let as much of that shine through as possible.

Is there a difference between your personal and professional style?

No, my approach to casual style is very similar to work: take timeless basics and add something a bit fun. What we wear has such power to shape how we feel. Whether it’s work or play I always try to dress to feel great!