Kelly is a size 18 & 174cm tall


Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

Mackay - I now live in Brisbane and have called Brisbane home for the last 19 years.

What was your dream job growing up and is that what you ended up doing?

I first of all wanted to be a teacher right up until I hit high school, my grandfather was very ill at that time and I changed my mind and then wanted to become a nurse so that I could help people.

Yes that is what I do now. I did my training as soon as I finished high school. I have done many different specialties, but my dream was to always be an Emergency Nurse. It took me a few years to get into, but for 20 years of my career I lived my dream of being an Emergency nurse. I am currently using that experience in the position I have in Metro South Health.

What is one of your most defining moments in life?

I would have to say apart from getting married and becoming a mum, something I thought I would never be, I worked in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia early in my career. I was only 23 years old when I left the country and had only been out of the state once to Sydney before going on this adventure. I look back now and realise how young I was to leave the comforts of home and family and everything I knew. I feel I grew up in Saudi. I needed to be independent, strong and fearless.

This is where I began my career of Emergency nursing, which gave me the experience to pursue my dream back here in Australia. I was there for 3 years. I went to Saudi Arabia to have a different experience to all my friends. All my friends were going to the UK, I wanted something different. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I feel I returned to Australia with a lot of travel under my belt, a fantastic cultural experience and a new appreciation for the Australian culture that I so dearly love.

What are three of your favourite things to do? 

Firstly I love to travel. I believe it is one of the best educations you can have to experience a new culture and see how the rest of the world lives. I work so that I can pay for that next holiday.

Secondly I am involved in scouting. I am a Venturer Scout Leader. The age group that I lead is 14.5 - 18 years old. I feel that my responsibility is not only to teach this young age group the adventurers that scouting has to offer, but to also teach them how to be upstanding members of the community, providing service to the community, showing leadership and also being part of a team.

Thirdly I am a bit of a workaholic. I enjoy working. It keeps me active. I have two jobs at the moment and enjoy both. I am a big believer that we are at work for a large percentage of our time, so we may as well do something we love and enjoy!

Your favourite aspect of being in the Leina Broughton Conversations Group

I love the support that everyone gives each other. I love seeing everyone in their LB clothing, their styles and working out from that what might suit me.

Your “go-to” LB piece?

My navy Casey - I love her. She is always in the wash! She is fantastic for the hot climate here in Queensland. I can dress her up or wear her casually. She is so comfortable. I would love to see more Casey’s!

If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“It’s my life” by Bon Jovi. I love this song and it resonates to me. I have been told a lot of times in my lifetime what I can and can’t do. This song is the epitome of what I stand for. “ it’s my life!” I even told the kids to remember that for my funeral song!! Haha.

It’s 2020 – what are you choosing to leave behind and what will you be taking forward into 2020, your new year.

I am going to try really hard to leave behind my own personal negative body image impressions I have about myself.

Moving forward: I want to have a better more positive feeling about myself. My husband has been a little concerned about my recent addiction to LB, but like I told him, when I put on one of my lovely dresses, I feel beautiful, something I don’t get to feel very often. I plan to work on this. I am a very confident person when it comes to my personality and what I do for a living, I want this to for everything about me, inside and out!!!

BTW hubby has been great with my new addiction after this confession. He even buys me vouchers for xmas and birthday’s. How spoilt am I? He is trained well.