The ideal ZOOM top when working from home

The ideal ZOOM top when working from home

Are you working from your home office?

In 2020, working from home is the new norm and with online Zoom meetings now regular occurrences, finding flattering and video friendly professional tops for work can feel like a full time job — but it doesn’t have to be this way. We’re going to show you how to find gorgeous tops that will be you’ll be able to wear in virtual meetings and your in-the-flesh professional and personal life.

Our jersey tops in particular are perfect Zoom shirts as they are super comfortable to wear while sitting, and are matte in colour, so they won't reflect light onto the screen. You want your style to be stunning, sure, not not distracting.

Our Top Tips for Wearing the Right Professional Tops for Work

Choose the Right Neckline

Make sure the neck line isn't too low cleavage can be distracting, as can bra straps. A deep V-neck has its place; it’s just not on a professional call.

Wear a Sleeve

A top with a sleeve will help keep the focus on your face, while nothing too fitted or structured with a bit of stretch is perfect for comfort and style.

Use Colour to Keep the Meeting Vibes Positive

A splash of colour can set the mood for the meeting and dressing in colours that make you feel happy will help you be more confident. A bright colour will add cheer, and prints can be a great way to add interest, especially if you are in front of a blank wall.

Have a Selection of Tops Ready

Have a few Zoom shirts ready to go that you can grab and wear so you can look nice and polished from the waist up. Just add some nice earrings, make sure you're presentable and you're ready for your Zoom meeting.

Make a Good Impression With the Perfect Top

You can wear your favourite sweatpants or even PJ bottoms, but when it comes to Zoom meetings, you’ve got to look spot-on from the waist up. That’s why we have put together a collection of beautifully comfortable and stylish jersey professional tops for work that are perfect for your home office style.

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