Elevate and Amplify Wardrobe Competition

Elevate and Amplify Wardrobe Competition


Let’s rediscover your confidence by navigating a 2mm shift in both your style and wardrobe to elevate and amplify the way you feel in yourself every day. 

Throughout our lives, from the time when we are small children, our bodies are undergoing change. As we grow through all of life’s stages, we feel that celebrating all milestones is incredibly important, but with this, is an understanding that what may have made us feel great a physiological body shift ago, may not necessarily be something that elevates us now. 

When this happens, making an informed decision to take control and create this shift in style and mindset can be incredibly empowering and will help you navigate changes to the new you. Allowing you to navigate your new shape with confidence. 

We are throwing down the challenge to go through your wardrobe and find the pieces that make you feel amazing – and to understand WHY. 

Empty your wardrobe, and make a pile that does not make you feel great. This pile can be gifted to friends or charities that are close to you. 

NOW, take the garments that make you feel amazing, and while wearing the garment, stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself HOW this garment makes you feel and WHY. 

This is your little nugget of gold and will be the beginning of your understanding of your new style to navigate. 



  • Mantras - get your mind into gear and boost your confidence BEFORE you start
  • Music - to get you in the groove
  • Essences - something to mist and inhale and kick start your senses
  • Makeup/Jewelry - trying things on how you would wear them, have some glam time and enjoy the process

Take a photo/video of yourself in front of the mirror with your piece/s and tell us why this makes you feel amazing or why you’re letting it go. Post it in the comments of our Elevate and Amplify Wardrobe Challenge Post post on our main Facebook page. 

We have five Gift Vouchers to give away for: 

  • Best video - $500 Gift Voucher
  • Video Runner-up - $250 Gift Voucher
  • Best Images - 2x $250 Gift Voucher
  • Most Entertaining - $250 Gift Voucher

You have until Midnight on the 11th of July to enter. Winners will be announced on the 13th of July in our Style & Share Group and on the main Facebook page. 

To enter the competition, simply follow the below steps*:

  1. Take a video/photo of yourself in front of the mirror with your piece/s and tell us why this particular item makes you feel amazing or why you’re letting it go.
  2. Post it in the comment section under our Elevate and Amplify Wardrobe Challenge Post on our Main Facebook Page. 
  3. Support the other incredible women who also post their own stories and images on the post. 

Let's continue the discussion on body change and navigation - and support each other through our metamorphoses towards elevated and amplified confidence!

 *T&Cs apply

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