Sydney 2019 meetup

Sydney 2019 meetup


If you're a newbie to us here at LB, here is a quick rundown to keep you in the loop.

Here at Leina Broughton, we love to catch up with our customers from our LB Closed Conversation FB Group (FYI - if you're not in here yet you ARE missing out) and occasionally pop around the country to catch up with groups of amazing individuals, which tends to involve bubbles, frocks and frivolities.

Once again SYDNEY, you did not disappoint! In another funny event location selection (yes, we are chalking them up), we met at the Erskine Street Small Bar. Now this place was... how can we put it - a little more intimate than we were led to believe, and even with the last-minute drop offs in numbers, still had an amazing turn out and didn't everybody TURN IT UP!

The best way I can describe the ladies we got to catch up with - inspiring, fabulous, hilarious, extravagant, delicate, exuberant, endearing, phenomenal and extraordinary.

Everybody looked amazing all decked out in their LB's and we were still chuckling all the way back to our hotel with some of the conversations and antics of the night... yes, there were many! (what happens at an LB meetup, stays at the LB meetup - wink wink)

The absolute beautiful nature of the night for us is meeting such a diverse group of women. Some turned up with a little apprehension based on, that they came alone and didn’t know anybody. Others came along with friends that they have connected with in the group and some brought their other LB loving significant plus ones which made for such an incredible energy that resonated through the evening.