Pink Elephants - Twenty Five to Strive

Pink Elephants - Twenty Five to Strive

As part of our Twenty Five to Strive campaign (with $25 from each dress in this release being directly donated), we are honoured to be collaborating with the ladies from Pink Elephants.

Pink Elephants provides much-needed empathy, validation and connection to those experiencing miscarriage and early pregnancy loss.

Their aim is to help to reduce the feelings of isolation many women feel, by connecting them with other women who have experienced the journey before them, and, are now able to mentor others.

Put simply, Pink Elephants help women to have the opportunity to connect with others who ‘get it’.

As well as breaking the silence on miscarriage, their mission is to raise awareness of both, the Pink Elephant Support Network (PESN), miscarriage and early pregnancy loss, and to help raise money for the printing and distribution of their Miscarriage Support Resources to further educate the wider community.

Another key aim for the Pink Elephants is to bring Fertility in the Workplace policies into HR departments to support staff when they go through pregnancy loss and associated fertility changes. The program provides training and ensures that workplaces have access to tools and support materials for their people, and, even access to paid bereavement leave after a miscarriage.

Without this support and information, many women are left feeling alone and invalidated in their grief.  Pink Elephants are here to make women feel loved, cared for, and that their loss matters. No woman should have to walk this journey alone.

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