How to winterise your wardrobe

How to winterise your wardrobe

How to style your trans-seasonal dresses and welcome them into winter, so you can wear your Australian made dresses all year! 

Knowing how to winterise your dresses and how to style your favourite pieces for the cooler months is really important when it comes to investment pieces, and there are a few tricks of the trade when it comes to increasing your return on investment.

1.  Choose the dresses that are made from the heavier weight fabric

The dresses made from the heavy-weight ITY fabric are the warmer choice when it comes to winter dresses.  The slinky dresses are best saved for spring/summer however if you really want to wear them, think of layering underneath with a slip for a touch of warmth.  These dresses make great trans-seasonal pieces with just a bit of layering.

2.  Layer upon layer

Layer your dresses with slips, camisoles and cardigans. This is a great way to add warmth, even with the inbuilt lining adding another layer can really help.  Our slips are made with the slinky base as so to reduce static and the dresses actually slink and glide over the slip.  If you are experiencing static there are a few hacks that can help. You can use fabric softener, there are also anti-static sprays on the market and even hairspray will act as an anti-static film when sprayed onto stockings.

3.  Have some fun with stockings

Opaque tights are an obvious no brainer and with the amazing selection of colours and Australian made styles available now it's a great way to add warmth and fun to your dresses.

4. Make a statement with your jacket

Invest in a nice jacket that works well with your dresses.  It's all about that fit in the back and the length, cropped length is better for paring with dresses. "Wear the jacket...don't let the jacket wear you".  Something like our Odette jacket is a perfect example of the jacket length that best suits dresses.  Also, lining in a jacket is great if you're looking for extra warmth.  Getting your sleeves tailored on a great jacket can really make the jacket sit perfectly for you.  And have fun with your jackets, go bright, make it a statement piece!

5.  Mix and match with great scarves - 

Having a great selection of scarves in your wardrobe will really help to winterise your wardrobe.  This way you can wear your trans-seasonal dresses all year round and just peel off the layers as needed throughout the day.

Most of all have fun with styling and don't take winter too seriously! Embrace the cooler months as a time when you can let go of being matchy-matchy and bring your own fashion flare out.  

Check out our Facebook Live with Leina and Fleur for our tip tips and see some core additions below to extend your current wardrobe into another season.