How to find your perfect pants - Leina and Fleur's slim leg Diaz pant in black create a tailored-look pantFind Your Perfect Pant with Leina and Fleur's slim leg Diaz pant in Navy

Finding Your Perfect Pants

5 tips to achieving pant perfection

Which Style Will Work For You?

Finding the most flattering pants for your size, height, and shape is one of the best things you can do to ground your style and send your confidence levels sky-high. With great fitting pants as your base, you’ll be able to create endless style combinations that help you feel as amazing as you look, and look as incredible as you are. 

1. Size Smart

Figuring out the right size pant is the best place to start. Our size guide will help you establish your own measurements with expert fit advice so that you can find the right size from the get go. From there we can look at how different styles and shapes will show off your best assets.

2. Style Your Silhouette

Different pant styles will flatter different body shapes in all the right ways. Finding the best silhouette and most flattering pants for your body is well worth the journey; you’ll end up with a go-to pant style that makes you feel confident every time you wear them.

Expert Tip: We love the flexibility of Jersey Fabric as we're able to create a tailored look that works on various shapes.

3. Play To Your Lengths

Your height is an important factor to consider when choosing pants. If you enjoy wearing cropped pants, choose a length that hits you at the slimmest part of your leg for the best silhouette for your shape and height. 

Expert Tip: Pair the perfect fitting pants with a pair of nude heels to make your legs look even longer.

4. Invest In Quality

Pants are one of the best investment pieces you can buy because they are such an important wardrobe staple. Most of your outfits will be built around your pants, so investing in high-quality pants that are made to last will save you money as well as the stress of feeling like you never have anything to wear.

Fabric is an important indicator of quality. Generally, you can feel the difference between a cheaper fabric and a luxe fabric. It should have a bit of weight to it, you should feel a little give when you stretch it gently, and there should be no obvious seam, colour, or thread issues. If you hold it up to the light, it should definitely not be transparent. 

5. Focus On Function

As mentioned before, pants are an investment piece. Aim for three main pairs of pants to cover the various functions of your wardrobe. A pair of professional pants is a must, as a base for stylish work outfits and events. Next up, a versatile off-duty pant will give you plenty of options for your weekend wardrobe. And last but not least, a casual, comfortable pant you can relax in.

When shopping for pant perfection, keep these key functions front of mind to make sure your pants work for you in more ways than one.

Once you find the styles that fit you like a glove, you’ll find it so much easier to put together stylish outfits quickly.

The Big 3 Essential Cuts

Complete your capsule wardrobe with a pant style from these 3 essential categories: elevate your look with a tailored cut like the Diaz Pant; embrace off-duty style with a playful pant a la the Bradley Culotte, and relax in comfort with a casual cut such as the soft-touch Tobie Pant.

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