Changing Your Mindset

Changing Your Mindset

Meaningful change starts from the inside. Recently, we conducted a survey of over 3000 women revealing an astounding 69% of those surveyed feel unsettled about the future. In today’s chaotic world, it is too easy to slip into a mundane routine, disconnecting who you are from your true self.

We have been inspired by Kate James’ book, ‘Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life’, to put in place practical steps for changing your mindset and reconnecting with your true self. If you can change your mindset, you have the ability to change your whole world.

We’re hoping to inspire you to make the changes necessary to live life authentically and to help shift your mindset to create positive change in your own life. Here are our key takeaways from our conversation with Nichola and Michelle.


The first step in this path to self-love is to be aware.

The first step in this path to self-love is to be aware of the times that you may not be acting in a way that reflects your true self. Sometimes we make decisions that make us look good from the outside but don’t feel genuine on the inside. Too often we compare and compete with others and lose touch with our own personal values. These actions can leave us feeling like there is always something to change, fix or achieve, ultimately leading to life choices that are not fulfilling.

We want to help you establish habits and thoughts that lead to a fruitful life.

Take a moment over the next few weeks to check-in with yourself and become aware of the moments where you may not be acting according to your genuine self. Make note of the situations that make you feel light and excited or drained and heavy, write it down in your journal.


Identify & Understand your needs

Identifying and understanding your needs will help you to build habits and behaviours that can boost your emotional wellbeing. When our needs aren’t being met we tend to either fixate on meeting the need at any cost or denying the need altogether; both are unhealthy habits to build.

In the coming weeks, we want to help you to meet your needs in a healthy way. For instance, if your need for connection is not being met, understand why and then build a solution to meet it healthily.

For Example

My need is to feel a sense of connection with myself, but I deny this need by putting my family’s needs before my own. A healthy way for me to meet this need is to allocate 30 minutes of my day to do something I truly love - go for a walk, read a book, or take a bath.


Our values are our guiding principles

Our values are the guiding principles that influence how we live our life. One of the greatest regrets many people experience at the end of their life is not living in a way that was true for them. One of the best ways to avoid living with regrets is to check-in with your values on a regular basis.

Write down in your journal your top 5 values. Over the coming weeks, consider a few actions that can help you become more aligned with these values. Ask yourself, ‘Does this decision align with my values or does it push me further away from my true self?’. If you’re feeling disconnected from yourself, make a choice to do something that connects you with one of your values. For instance, if one of your values is ‘self-love’ but you don’t give yourself enough time to rest and reset, one action might be to set aside a Sunday afternoon to pamper yourself.

Ask yourself, ‘Does this decision align with my values or does it push me further away from my true self?’.


Your path to your true self is completely up to you

Your path to your true self is completely up to you. If you don’t already, we recommend journaling your journey so you can reflect and see how far you have come. You can keep yourself accountable for the times you may be moving away from your true self and make note of the experiences that bring you closer.

Now it’s up to you to choose one thing in your life you want to change over the next month. Maybe it’s doing more of what you love or maybe it’s addressing a need that isn’t being met.

Change your thinking

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, we recommend you get your own copy of “Change Your Thinking to Change Your Mindset” and get started on your own personal journey of discovery and living a life that is truly aligned with who you are and who you want to be.

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